Deadpool 2 Writers Want Him To Team Up With Chris Evans' Captain America

Mild SPOILERS for Deadpool 2 ahead.

Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick reveal they want to see Ryan Reynolds' Merc with a Mouth team up with Chris Evans' Steve Rogers aka. Captain America in a future movie. For the last two decades, Deadpool - and the rest of 20th Century Fox's X-Men Universe - has been entirely separate from Marvel Studio's Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, with Marvel Studios' parent company Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox in a massive media deal, the two universes may eventually unite. (Or Marvel will reboot the X-Men, no one's sure what will happen just yet.)

Of course, that's if the Disney/Fox deal goes through. But, though it hasn't been finalized just yet, fans and creatives involved with both franchises have speculated on what they hope to see occur if Disney does acquire Fox and the X-Men. One main concern of the merger is whether Disney will let Deadpool continue on as an R-rated superhero franchise. The MCU has stayed strictly in the PG-13 realm, so Deadpool would be an outlier. Still, that hasn't stopped everyone from discussing what they'd most like to see from a complete Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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For their part, the writers of Deadpool 2, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, want to see Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) team up with Chris Evans' Captain America from the MCU. In an interview with CBR, the writers were asked if there were any X-Force characters they wanted to use but couldn't. Wernick jokingly mentioned Spider-Man and Reese added, "Well, post-merger, we may get our wish there. Or Spider-Man will be using Deadpool." Then Reese continued, mentioning Captain America teaming up with Deadpool:

I’m so bummed — I want Chris Evans to stay Captain America forever, because I just want to see Deadpool and Captain America doing stuff together, but I don’t think that dream will come true.

Reese is referring to Evans' Captain America contract running out after Avengers 4 hits theaters next year - before the Disney/Fox deal will be finalized. Though Evans has gone back and forth on whether he'll return to the MCU following the completion of his contract, the actor won't be required to do further films. As a result, he may not pick up Cap's Vibranium shield ever again. Ultimately, it's up the actor. And, of course, it remains to be seen where Avengers 4 leaves Steve Rogers, whether he's even alive once Earth's Mightiest Heroes wrap up their final fight against Thanos.

Unfortunately, it may be a similarly unlikely on-screen team-up akin to Reynolds' Deadpool uniting with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Though Deadpool and Wolverine at least exist in the same movie universe, Jackman hung up his claws last year with Logan, and the actor seems unlikely to return and revive the character. Although we don't know whether Avengers 4 will give Captain America a resolute ending, or leave some wiggle room for Evans to return, it might be the actor's last appearance as the Star-Spangled Man.

Still, though Deadpool may never team up with Evans' Captain America, there are plenty of other MCU characters fans would enjoy seeing trade quips with Wade Wilson - perhaps even Tom Holland's Spider-Man. The duo of Deadpool and Spider-Man is a favorite from the comics, and could be especially fun with Reynolds and Holland. But that's still a hypothetical situation. We won't know more about future team-ups until the Disney/Fox deal is final and Marvel Studios offers insight into their plans for the X-Men.

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