Stephen Lang Jokingly Takes Credit For Training Josh Brolin's Cable

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Stephen Lang, who once was in the running to play Deadpool 2's counterpart Cable, is joking around about training Josh Brolin for the role. Lang is the consummate journeyman actor, who has constantly worked in film and television over the past 30 years, appearing among the all-star cast in the modern Western classic Tombstone and such TV series as the update of The Fugitive.

In 2016, Lang campaigned for the role of coveted role of Cable in Deadpool 2. It seemed like it could become a reality at the time, since Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld's went so far as to ask 20th Century Fox to cast Lang in the role shortly after the release of Avatar. Naturally, as films linger in development, Deadpool didn't get any traction again for years until Ryan Reynolds invested all of his energy into bringing the proper version of the Merc with a Mouth to life after playing an underwhelming iteration of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Reynolds' hard work paid off with the blockbuster success of Deadpool in 2016, opening the door for Nathan Summers to join the party for the film's hotly anticipated sequel. As the story goes, everyone from Brad Pitt to Pierce Brosnan and Michael Shannon were up for the part, until Brolin surprisingly landed the role of Cable last April. Despite coming up short in his bid to play Cable, Lang appears to be holding no grudges for missing out, and in fact, had some fun about the role at Brolin's expense in a tweet. Accompanying the tweet is a photo of Lang and Brolin, and he says his fellow actor is "gonna slay" as Cable. Lang even joked about getting Brolin in shape for the role years ago. See the tweet below:

Dear #MarvelStudios ‘n’ #Deadpool, #Brolin is gonna slay as #Cable. Ain’t no bout a doubt it. Fact is, years ago I took him on my knee and schooled him. Yer welcome. ?#slang

— Stephen Lang (@IAmStephenLang) January 12, 2018

Lang didn't get the attention he so richly deserved, until he played the villain Col. Miles Quaritch in writer-director James Cameron's worldwide blockbuster Avatar in 2009, which swung the door wide open for several huge opportunities, including the blind psychopath who defends his house from intruders in the 2016 smash horror thriller Don't Breathe. Most recently, he's starred in AMC-TV's Into the Badlands and now appears opposite Christian Bale in the new Western Hostiles.

The funny thing about the photo Lang tweeted is, he and Brolin closely resemble each other. It appears to be a Polaroid shot of the two from a movie set, and in all likelihood was from the 1996 crime drama Gang in Blue, directed by Mario and Melvin Van Peebles, and starring Mario Van Peebles, Brolin and Lang.

It's great to see how Lang is being a class-act for supporting the actor who's playing the role he once desired. And while Brolin is slaying it as Cable, Lang is keeping busy himself, since he's back in action as Quartich for the four upcoming Avatar sequels (a set of films, oddly enough, that Brolin turned down, much to the chagrin of Cameron). It's too bad it didn't work out, since it would have been a nice opportunity for Lang and Brolin to stage a reunion photo.

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