Deadpool & Cable Reenact The Creation of Adam in Deadpool 2 Banner

Deadpool and Cable reenact the Creation of Adam in the new banner for the upcoming sequel Deadpool 2, as was posted online by Ryan Reynolds. Christmas came early this morning for Deadpool fans, but it wasn't Ol' Saint Nick who left a gift under their trees. It was Deadpool himself, actor/producer Ryan Reynolds, who delivered the goods on the same morning that Disney finalized a deal with Fox that gives the Mouse House control over the X-Men franchise rights.

Nobody is more worried about studio-backed censorship than fans of the Deadpool franchise. This attitude is understandable given the property's troubled past in Hollywood. A long-time vanity project of actor Ryan Reynolds, executives at Fox were reluctant to pursue the possibility of a Deadpool movie, fearful that an R-rated superhero film would fail to find an audience. The project was only green-lit after a teaser trailer of test-footage was leaked on-line and became an instant viral sensation. Even then the production was only given a relatively modest budget of $58 million - an amount it made back more than ten-fold, earning $745 million in ticket sales worldwide.

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Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds is a just and loving man-god-child. As a subtle assurance that all is well and that Deadpool 2 will arrive in its intended form, Reynolds posted a new banner promoting the film on his Twitter account (see the image below).

The banner is a parody of The Creation of Adam - a fresco painting by Michelangelo, which forms part of the ceiling in The Sistine Chapel and depicts Adam, the first man according to Abrahamic tradition, reaching out to the God that gave him life. The parody banner depicts Deadpool, reclining in a green beanbag chair rather than on a grassy hill, reaching out to the time-traveling mutant Cable (Josh Brolin), who appears to be emerging from a portal of some kind with his guns drawn.

Despite this, Deadpool fans may still feel uneasy about the sequel's future. Hollywood has a long history of turning the sequels of surprise hits into underwhelming followups. Many is the time that too many cooks were allowed into the metaphorical kitchen to try and improve a dish that didn't need fixing.

Still, with Deadpool 2 already in post-production, it seems unlikely that Disney will choose to kill the goose that laid the golden egg at this late stage. Despite their track record, there's no actual evidence that the status quo at 20th Century Fox will change appreciably immediately. Either way, fans will be anxiously waiting the arrival of Deadpool 2 even more than they were before.

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Source: Ryan Reynolds

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