Deadpool Gets Disgusting Revenge on Black Panther

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Panther Vs. Deadpool #2

The fight between Deadpool and Black Panther just got kicked up to a new level, now that Wade Wilson has decided to upgrade the severed limb he used to call an arm... with something far more horrifying.

The shocking case of Deadpool body modification comes in the latest issue of Black Panther Vs. Deadpool, the Marvel Comic pitting the two least likely Avengers against eachother over the fate of Wakanda - and the life of a neighborhood mailman. But before their battle can escalate to see Deadpool take the throne as Black Panther, he decides to offend T'Challa by doing the unthinkable. Take Deadpool's healing factor? Fine - he'll just replace his arm with a living zebra's head.

Black Panther Took Deadpool's Arm as a Trophy

Marvel fans who missed the first run-in between Black Panther and Deadpool may have a hard time believing even Wade Wilson could push a noble king like T'Challa to such extremes, but believe it or not, Black Panther took Deadpool's arm and healing factor away from him. According to T'Challa it was all in the name of science, which Wade Wilson should support if for no other reason than to prove he really is a "hero," and not a hired gun. But T'Challa didn't bother to give Deadpool a replacement for his limb, either.

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So as easily as the King of Wakanda may have dismissed Deadpool as a minor annoyance, teleporting him to the borders of the country with no arm and no apology is coming back to bite him. First things first, though: Deadpool needs an arm. And to prove he's no villain, he's taking a replacement from the right kind of person...

Deadpool Takes an American Trophy Hunter's Arm

Never one to back down from a fight, the fact that Deadpool is on a mission to acquire vibranium to save an innocent mailman's life makes him even more determined than usual. Determined enough to travel all the way back to Wakanda on foot, where he gets to meet up with some locals roped into escorting American trophy hunters. Most fans of Deadpool will know how this interaction is going to go from the moment it begins - more than the American, trophy hunting brothers desperately seeking their father's approval (no political commentary there).

There's more than a little bit of irony to the scene, since Deadpool's arm has also been taken as a trophy by Black Panther, no matter how much he may claim it is all in the name of science. The bottom line for Deadpool is that he needs an arm to reattach and return to fight Black Panther. And a trophy hunting idiot's is as good as any. Or so he thought...

Deadpool, That Zebra Isn't Dead...

There's no way to adequately prepare fans for what they're about to see, since even the R-rated Deadpool movie stops short of dismemberment or the Frankenstein-esque merging of man and beast. All for the right reasons, however, as Deadpool notices (hilariously, after he's already sliced one the men's arms clean off) that the zebra being hunted wasn't actually killed.

Seeing the situation before him - dying, innocent animal in need of a living body, and his stump covered in Wakanda science-goo just waiting for a limb to knit back together - there is only one thing that Deadpool's sentimental heart can do. Slice that zebra's head off and smash it into his arm stump. Then go to WAR.

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