Deadpool Just Became Marvel's NEW Black Panther

Move over Black Panther, because Deadpool just claimed the official costume and mystical power of the King of Wakanda in Marvel's Universe.

Marvel fans can only dream of seeing Black Panther and Deadpool fight in the movies, but their comic book battle has chosen an unlikely winner. Not only has Deadpool claimed the Black Panther suit... he's stolen King T'Challa's throne out from under him, as the NEW master of Wakanda's true power.

When Marvel announced the Black Panther vs. Deadpool comic series, fans knew they were in for a one of a kind battle. On one side, the unkillable mercenary, and on the other, the Avenger least likely to tolerate Wade Wilson's brand of insanity. And while King T'Challa may have gotten the jump on Deadpool out of the gate, the tables have seriously turned. Once Deadpool snagged a Black Panther suit made specifically for him, and steals the entire wealth of Wakanda out from under its king, fans don't have to wonder what the Deadpool version of the Black Panther would look like... because he just became it.

Round 1: Black Panther Dismembers Deadpool

As we mentioned above, the title fight of Black Panther vs. Deadpool got off to a terrible start for Wade Wilson. Sure, fans of the Marvel movies might assume that King T'Challa would easily beat Deadpool in a head to head fight - he's tough, but he's no Killmonger (even with his healing abilities). But King T'Challa didn't exactly fight fair, using weaponized medical technology to slice Deadpool's arm clean off... and prevent his cancerous cells from growing him a new arm.

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Needless to say, Deadpool was upset: he went to Wakanda requesting a sliver of vibranium to heal a friend, and wound up tossed out minus an arm. Frankly, Black Panther deserved some payback. But after a brief truce Deadpool pushed his luck, and Black Panther decided to end him as a threat in the most disgusting way possible. In short: cutting off his head, and chopping his body up into pieces. But it's Deadpool who gets the last laugh.

Deadpool Gets His Own Black Panther Suit

After being held prisoner in King T'Challa's Palace (body assembled, but still unable to heal back together), the constantly ticking time bomb in Deadpool's utility belt detonates, obliterating T'Challa's lab and freeing Wade's body to merge back into fighting form. And after a brief chase, the Merc With a Mouth finds himself in Black Panther's own armory - filled with weapons and necklace-based armor suits just waiting for Deadpool to slip into them. We would argue that there's more than a little poetry to this turning of the tables. Black Panther proved he was smart enough to defeat Deadpool's superhuman healing. Deadpool responds by proving that if he were ALSO to put on one of the hi-tech, vibranium-powered Black Panther suits made by T'Challa's sister Shuri, the king wouldn't be able to talk so big a game.

And as the Black Panther Suit adjusts itself to its new owner's fighting and visual style, Deadpool disappears... so that PANTHERPOOL can be born. Fans should see the transformation for themselves, but those unafraid of SPOILERS can read on for the big reveal.

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