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Deadpool First Appearance

One of the themes that most stood out in the recent Deadpool movie was the question of what it really meant to be a hero. And how Wade Wilson was definitely not one. Despite Colossus' begging, Wade shot his enemy dead right there in the street, squelching his big

"hero" moment in favor of petty revenge. Even so, we all know that underneath that sarcastic demeanor and Hugh Jackman-esque good looks is a man with a heart of gold. Although he may be an insane murder machine, Deadpool always ends up doing the righteous thing in the end. Right?

Wrong. When Rob Liefeld created the character back in 1991, the Merc with the Mouth was intended to be a straight-up villain. For his first few appearances, Deadpool was a constant harasser of the New Mutants and the X-Force; he tried to kill Cable in their first encounter and gleefully murdered, robbed, and insidiously manipulated his way through anyone in his path in subsequent issues. He still had the sarcastic wit we all know and love, but there was nothing but villainy within his heart.

Deadpool gets impaled
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