Deadpool's 10 Best Marvel/DC Comic Jokes & Insults

5. Deadpool Hates Star Wars Prequels, Too

With his ability to break the fourth wall and comment not only on pop culture existing outside of Marvel's universe, and in the real one of the reader, but have access to the total history of geekdom. That includes the Marvel and DC Comics movies and characters, as his other jokes show. But when it comes to the Star Wars franchise, we doubt Wade Wilson would even think twice about throwing shade if he knew Disney would one day buy the property. Marvel and Disney are sibling cinematic universes as a result... but even for a loyal guy like Deadpool, there's no defending the prequels.

We mean that literally, since fans got to see what happens when a faceless goon voices his support for the prequels, praising the wealth of visual effects, and lead Anakain Skywalker actor Hayden Christensen. Clearly not one for debate on the topic, Wade simply draws his gun, and blows the groom's head off. Yes, a bit more extreme and violent a reaction than usual. But then, the last few years have shown fans can get extremely passionate when it comes to Star Wars.

4. Deadpool is A Bigger Seller Than Superman

The version of Thanos that movie fans got with Avengers: Infinity War may have seen killing half the universe as a good thing, but the comic book version was very different. The crusade of Thanos that led to Infinity Gauntlet was based on devotion and service to Lady Death, the embodiment of death in Marvel's universe. And a cosmic woman who had just one other major suitor. The one man she could never have: Deadpool, the unkillable killer.

And in Tim Seeley's Deadpool vs Thanos comic miniseries, the two finally met. After having spent years committing supervillainous acts throughout the Marvel universe, Deadpool knew enough about Thanos to be worried. Even so, he was sure he could kill the Mad Titan.

In the face of overwhelming odds, Deadpool told the villain Black Talon that he's "an unkillable mutant merc" who doesn't just outsell Superman" at that point in the comics - but does so "regularly." Well played, and... very true back in 2015.

3. Deadpool Mocks DC's Half-Page Advertising

It's no secret that comic book publishers have been struggling to some extent to make their comics count for decades (largely unable to channel the box office success of their superhero adaptations to actual comic sales). The recent DC Rebirth relaunch boosted sales, and Marvel's own comic events drove discussion and sales - but things haven't always been so good. As recently as 2015, DC tried to boost sales revenue by taking a controversial move, allowing advertisers to claim one-half of pages inside of the book (a shift from the standard ad pages scattered throughout).

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That meant that readers couldn't actually focus on the story being told without also staring at an image of, for one example, Nick Lachey selling not one, but both sides of a Twix bar. The move had been tested and abandoned by Marvel decades earlier, and DC earned plenty of publicity (though not the kind they were hoping for). Their own writers and artists took shots at the decision, but Deadpool won.

His own comic called out the practice from the competition by invading half of his own cover art, sharing space with an ad for a fictional protein bar. DC scrapped the plan soon after.

2. Deadpool and His 'Secret Wars' Shield

As proof that comic books written just to "sell toys" isn't always a bad thing, there is Marvel's 1984 Secret Wars event. Driven by a desire to make marketable toy lines for Mattel, this mega-event was cooked up, throwing all kinds of Marvel superheroes and villains into all-out combat against on another. And the toys that released alongside the heroes' most iconic looks or overhauled designs became the stuff of legend... for a few reasons.

Not for the overall build quality, but for the rather unexpected gadget that accompanied each action figure. A shield makes sense for Captain America, but Mattel packed each figure with a plastic shield, displaying a lenticular image of the characters in and out of their superhero identities. Risky? Extremely. But also perfect for a Deadpool send-up.

The toy shields made a return as part of Deadpool Secret Secret Wars in 2015, making Wade Wilson a key part of the 1984 event - despite him not being created for seven more years. The most memorable scene? When Deadpool and Spidey battled inside a gallery of the massive, mysterious shields somehow "psychically" capable of revealing the future. In Deadpool's case, a recreation of Ryan Reynolds' infamous Deadpool movie promotion photos.

1. Deadpool V Gambit

At some point, the success of jokes aimed at Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman are going to reach diminishing returns, and the release of Marvel's Deadpool V Gambit series may be exactly that for some. Writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (speaking of jokes we can't quite come up with on the spot) decided that the part of DC's event film they wished to lampoon was the title. Specifically, the decision by Snyder and co. to avoid the expected "Batman VS. Superman" title, and go with "v" instead.

On the surface, it makes the movie feel more like the title of a court case than a superhero showdown, which may be what Snyder was after. But Snyder's explanation that he chose "v" to make the film feel less like a direct fight in any way possible didn't convince Acker and blacker.

To call out what they clearly felt was an opinion worthy of parody, they released Deadpool V Gambit with its tagline, The "V" is For "VS." leaving no confusion.

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