Deadpool's 10 Best Marvel/DC Comic Jokes & Insults

Deadpool Logan and Superman

Deadpool is famous for taking shots at his Marvel and DC Comics colleagues. And whether it's poking fun at Marvel's biggest competition, or throwing shade at Marvel's own less successful books or movies, he's almost always guaranteed to get a laugh. With blockbuster movies taking the comic book shop "war" between Marvel and DC to new levels, that's just the kind of comedy fans need.

Ryan Reynolds is already making Justice League jokes in Deadpool 2, but the comic book writers and artists behind the Merc With a Mouth have been at it for years. And in case fans missed some of Deadpool's best slams and zings, we've got you covered.

10. Deadpool's Biggest Batman v Superman Insult

Sure, taking a shot at the critically lambasted Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may not be all that difficult (or at this point, original). But you've got to hand it to Deadpool and Spider-Man for putting them on blast using an old Batman and Superman analogy from Marvel's own history. Well, hand it to Scott Aukerman and Reilly Brown for crafting the dig in the pages of Spider-Man/Deadpool #6. Because plenty of the Marvel Comics fans who read the issue and enjoyed the joke may have missed the deeper backstory behind this surface-level dig.

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For those who may not know the Marvel heroes Hyperion and Nighthawk, they were both created as pastiche (or straight up knockoffs of both Superman and Batman, respectively). So it's no coincidence that they should also have a blockbuster movie in the world of Marvel Comics, in which they, too, start as enemies. A movie attended by Wade and Peter, titled "Nighthawk V. Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom." It may be a more MAD Magazine slam than a subtle takedown, but the shot stands on its own.

Especially with the heroes specifically criticizing the montage of small setups for other films - one aspect of BvS which was heavily criticized at the time (to be fair, few knew the heroes would play key roles in the direct sequel).

9. The X-Men Get No Love From Marvel

The division of rights between Marvel Studios (Disney) and 21st Century Fox have kept the comic book publisher's characters divided for close to two decades. The X-Men helped make the superhero blockbuster a reality, but in the years since, Marvel has taken the ball and run with it for too many touchdowns to count. And still, Marvel's mutants are left out in the cold.

Nobody will be having a tag day for Fox's roster of Marvel heroes since Deadpool has taken off like the most successful of action movie heroes. Still, the fact that Marvel's Cinematic Universe turns a completely blind eye to the mutants living beside them in the comics isn't forgotten by Deadpool.

When Deadpool learns that Hollywood is turning his life's story into a big-budget movie in Spider-Man/Deadpool #6, he heads to the studio to experience the movie magic up close. While there, Wolverine and Storm comment on the fact that other superheroes ignore them completely... as Daredevil is left confused by the suddenly Hydra-loyal Captain America.

8. Deadpool & Punisher's "Martha" Joke

A certain amount of insanity can be expected when Deadpool and Punisher set out to kill one another, so the premise of Deadpool vs The Punisher sells itself without any tease of throwing shade towards the DC competition. But in the fifth and final issue of the showdown, Deadpool ends up getting the edge, having Frank Castle down and out, being beaten to a bloody mess. Until he hears that one magic word to stop him dead in his tracks: "Martha."

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Frank Castle is clearly not as familiar with the Batman v Superman scene in which Superman utters his mother's name, since he's as confused as can be by Wade's sudden change of heart. Eventually he clarifies that he didn't say Martha, but was simply calling Deadpool a "Mother****er." The shot at the scene is a bit obvious, but worthy of the laugh. In the end Frank would probably have been better off not clarifying that his mother's name is Louise, since that immediately snaps Deadpool back to his senses, grabbing his pistol to finish the job.

7. Deadpool Throws Shade at Marvel TV Shows

It isn't just the competition that ends up taking some heat from the Merc With a mouth, since a bit of 'friendly fire' is always guaranteed to happen whenever Deadpool is involved. In the case of Despicable Deadpool #298, it isn't even the world of Marvel-branded films that feel his wrath (or those created by 21st Century Fox, since the MCU may be a harder target to convincingly take to task).

No, it's one of the easiest targets that Marvel has produced to date which feels the burn, as Deadpool puts ABC's failed Inhumans TV show on blast. And with a playful wink thrown to its more successful counterparts on Netflix. At first, observing that Taskmaster and Bullseye's ability to collaborate as partners to take Deadpool on likens them to Luke Cage and Danny Rand. The team-up may be as short-lived as Netflix's Defenders, in the end.

But following on the idea of the two comic book supervillains becoming a new "team-u," Deadpool suggests they negotiate for the time slot previously held by Inhumans, the series which aired on ABC for eight episodes starting in September of 2017, after an IMAX premiere of the first two Inhumans episodes. A series that underwhelmed to the point that fans had to deduce its cancellation after 'Black Bolt' actor Anson Mount joined Star Trek: Discovery.

6. Deadpool & Spidey Take a Shot at Zack Snyder

SpiderMan Deadpool Saturn Zack Snyder quip Marvel

Even though he only ended up making three DC movies (well... two is probably more accurate)  director Zack Snyder's re-imagining of Superman, Batman, and the rest of the Justice League was soon taken to represent the DC movie brand as a whole. So perhaps Nick Giovannetti and Paul Scheer deserve some extra credit for putting Zack Snyder's aesthetic in the crosshairs for Spider-Man/Deadpool #12. According to them, Snyder's love for muscle bound warriors and adaptation means even Father Christmas isn't sacred.

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The story follows Peter and Wade enjoying some Christmas festivities before a massive, murderous god shows up to trash the show - with particular scorn for the red-suited Santa. The raging Titan turns out to be Saturn himself, back to remind everyone that these holiday festivities were originally performed in his name. The god is cut more from the 300 cloth than Clash of the Titans, so Spidey's claim that he resembles "Zack Snyder's Santa Claus" is a fair shot. But if we're being completely honest... that might still be a movie pitch we would probably want to hear.

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