15 Characters You Didn't Know Deadpool Is Best Friends With

Wolverine in Deadpool 15 Team-Up

While fans often talk about the things that we love about Deadpool, we rarely think about what he'd be like to hang out with in real life. Think about his character: he is a smart aleck, rude, disrespectful, and balks at authority. Also, he is very much insane. Despite all of his flaws, however, he manages to successfully team up with other heroes and establish incredible duos. However, in many of those cases, Deadpool manages to see the friendship before it truly exists (again, he is insane).

Throughout his years with Marvel Comics, Deadpool has managed to form lasting relationships with the some of the most established characters all the way down to the less recognized supporting cast. Although his unmanageable personality can be a bit overwhelming for most people, these characters have found a way to love him anyway (or at least tolerate him for the time being). And, because this is Deadpool, most of these friendships were established in the most non-traditional ways possible. From bonding during an ongoing fight to some light kidnapping and manipulation, Wade Wilson has actually established sustainable friendships with a variety of people. Whether a fleeting bond or a lifelong friendship, these characters have managed to stay supportive of the Merc with a Mouth.

Here are 15 Characters You Didn't Know Deadpool Is Best Friends With.

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Daredevil and Deadpool
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15 Daredevil

Daredevil and Deadpool

Leave it to Deadpool to establish himself as a good friend of not only a fellow superhero but one of his biggest enemies as well. While Deadpool is good friends with a notable enemy of Daredevil's (more on that later), he is also friends with ol' Hornhead himself. That must make for some very awkward parties.

As highlighted as one of our favorite Daredevil team-ups, these two heroes have very little in common. With Daredevil’s focused goals and Deadpool’s unfocused shenanigans, they two make a very entertaining duo. Moreover, at times, Daredevil has even found Wilson’s wacky sense of humor to be quite amusing.

The two have been teaming up for years and were even featured together in the Deadpool: Suicide Kings series. Although they will not be depicted onscreen anytime soon, fans can still enjoy their hilarious adventures in the comic book world.

14 Captain America

Captain America has become one of the most respected heroes in the Marvel Universe. Led by his integrity, honesty, and overall good guy persona, he has become a role model for many of the heroes in the universe, including Deadpool. In fact, he is often the first one to give a hero a chance and treat him or her with the utmost respect.

Despite Wilson’s many flaws and smart mouth, Steve Rogers truly respected Deadpool as a person. Although Deadpool could get under Captain America’s skin (just like he does with everyone else in the Marvel Universe), their relationship was still very solid.

The two have team-up several times in the comics including during the Civil War and Death of Wolverine events. In fact, their friendship grew in such a positive way that Captain America was actually the best man at Deadpool’s wedding!

13 Doctor Doom (Sort Of)

Deadpool and Death Wish

During his travels throughout the Marvel Universe, our hero ran across several versions of himself that he either did not care for or that he fell for immediately. However, no relationship was established as quickly as the bond between Deadpool and the character Deathwish.

Originating from Earth-11638, his only variance from the Deadpool of Earth-616 was his green and black costume. The two quickly bonded and established they would be friends forever. However, their world came crashing down once it was discovered that this “Deadpool” was actually that universe’s Doctor Doom.

As it turns out, Deathwish had gone insane after killing the Fantastic Four. The result? He became a Deadpool-like character with his mannerisms and mental stability. From genius to, well, Deadpool, in the blink of an eye.

12 Wolverine

Although this fan-favorite friendship never made it onto the big screen, its legacy will forever remain in the pages of the comics. The love/hate relationship that Wolverine and Deapool share has certainly been entertaining, to say the least.  Two stubborn, smart alecks with sharp weapons and the ability to regenerate and heal? Clearly, this is the perfect setup for numerous fights and plenty of near-fatal injuries.

Their connections included their involvement in the Weapon X Program and their Canadian heritage. Aside from being skilled fighters, they both have a tendency to be stubborn and ignore authority. Although Wolverine initially could not stand Wilson, he soon grew to like him more after they teamed up together on missions.

Their relationship also grew after Deadpool joined Wolverine’s first X-Force team. Wolverine even tried to get Cyclops to agree to add Deadpool to the X-Men (Cyclops ultimately refused).

Deadpool as an X-Men? That would have been one heck of a sight to see.

11 Spider-Man

Deadpool sidekick auditions - Spider-Man

Poor Spider-Man. We are not even sure we can truly call this a mutual friendship.

Since their first meetings back in Amazing Spiderman #611, Deadpool has taken a real liking to Spider-Man and never missed an opportunity to pester him. Along with their developing friendship, Deadpool seems genuinely in love with his web-slinging friend and frequently declares his love for him. Again, poor Spider-Man.

Despite Deadpool’s overzealous behavior, the two masked heroes share many of the same mannerisms, including their smart aleck comebacks and slightly juvenile sense of humor. Even their costumes are eerily similar!

Though they rarely crossed paths at the beginning of Deadpool's career, their Spider-Man/Deadpool comic series has been comedic gold! Despite their ups and downs throughout the years, these two superheroes are - deep down - really great friends.

10 Bullseye

Bullseye and Deadpool

Depicted mainly as the sworn enemy and frequent challenger to Daredevil, Bullseye’s relationship with Deadpool is quite different. Well, not that different considering the many times they have fought each other and tried to kill one another. However, beneath their constant fighting lies a true friendship built on mutual respect.

Although they do not appear in a comic together until Deadpool vol 1 issue #16, they seem to have an established history already together. Later on in the Deadpool comics, a storyline depicted Deadpool and Bullseye possibly being friends in childhood and even burning down their own school.

While this may have been one of Deadpool’s delusions, the genuine nature of their friendship is still well established. From their shared sense of humor to their love of fighting, these two killers might just be best friends forever.

9 Worm

Weapon X Mutants Worm Deadpool

As punishment for killing his teammate Slayback, Deadpool was kicked out of the Weapon X Program. He was then moved to the Hospice, a home for failed superhero operatives and soldiers. Though touted as a treatment facility, it was actually used to conduct cruel experiments on its patients.

While suffering at the hands of Doctor Killebrew and his henchman Ajax, Deadpool became friends with fellow patient Worm. Sadly, their friendship is short-lived due to Deadpool, well, being Deadpool.

After his failed suicide attempts were unable to get him closer to his new love, Death, he tried to bring an end to his life by ruthlessly taunting Ajax by calling him by his real name. Furiously at being mocked, Ajax got revenge on Deadpool by lobotomizing his only friend at the facility, Worm. Deadpool then ended his friend’s suffering with a mercy killing

8 Sluggo

Sluggo Marvel Comic Weapon X

Sometimes even good friendships can lose their value over time, regardless of their foundations. While a member of the Weapon X Program, Sluggo was introduced to Deadpool, Garrison Kane, and Slayback back in the early days of the Deadpool series.

Considered to be close friends and teammates, the mercenaries would frequently go on missions together. However, their friendship took a turn when Deadpool inevitably killed Slayback. The group disbanded, and the operatives went their separate ways.

Later on, Sluggo joined up with Macho Gomez, Weasel, Blind Al, Big Bertha, and Taskmaster to take their revenge on Deadpool for being a crappy friend. However, he met his end in Deadpool issue #36 when he was accidentally killed by Weasel with an experimental weapon. So much for their big reunion.

7 Taskmaster

Deadpool and Taskmaster

Nothing like a good love/hate relationship to serve as the basis for any true friendship. Such was the case for the frequent enemies Taskmaster and Deadpool.

Although Taskmaster started appearing in the comics with The Avengers in the 1980s, his introduction into Deadpool vol 1 issue #2 was when these frenemies finally meet. Meeting more frequently on opposite sides of a battle, these two characters were occasionally partnered together for missions. The two were briefly members of the Frightful Four and attempted to take on the Fantastic Four. Their criminal group failed, and the other three members of the group disappeared, leaving Deadpool to face the consequences of their actions alone. True loyalty, indeed.

Their relationship was so popular that Marvel even considered adding Taskmaster to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the end, however, he simply did not make the cut when it came to the Deadpool movie, and so their friendship never made it to the big screen.

6 Hydra Bob

Hydra Bob And Deadpool

Even though you are close friends with someone, they may not take your best interests to heart. In the off-balanced friendship between Bob and Deadpool, Bob is definitely on the losing end of this relationship. Deadpool often takes advantage of him and convinces him to perform numerous unpleasant tasks.

Originally an agent of HYDRA, Deadpool managed to convince him to leave the organization to help him instead. Falling somewhere between a pet and a great friend, Bob is genuinely a huge fan of Deadpool (despite his mistreatment).

Hydra Bob even made a brief appearance in the 2016 movie Deadpool played by actor Rob Hayter. Though he was not wearing his famous HYDRA costume, Deadpool instantly recognized him, shared some small talk, and knocked him out instead of killing him. Aww, he does care!

5 Deadpool Corps

Deadpool Corps

Who better to be friends with than various versions of yourself from across the Multiverse? Deadpool has frequently crossed paths with his other selves and, in fact, found them while on a mission from A.I.M. Tasked with finding the the zombified Headpool, he ran into the alternative versions of himself and assisted them on the way.

Established as a team during the Deadpool Corps series, the Merc with the Mouth found himself with a new team of “him” that he enjoyed working with.  His friends/teammates included Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool, and Dogpool.

In Deadpool Kills Deadpool, the team is re-established to defeat the Evil Deadpool Corps and prevent the extermination of all of the Deadpools in the Multiverse. Although he did enlist the help of the original team, his Deadpool Corps grew significantly and included such off-the-wall characters as Duckpool and Pandapool. In the end, Deadpool proves that a man’s best friend is… himself.

4 Montgomery

Montgomery and Deadpool

Sometimes, you just get sucked into friendships, whether you want to be part of them or not. Unfortunately for Montgomery, he was destined to cross paths with Deadpool thanks to his abilities. As a member of Landau, Luckman & Lake, his precognitive abilities have been invaluable to Deadpool since the beginning of his comic book series.

Since Deadpool issue #1, Monty has served as a supporting character in Deadpool’s life, which has resulted in a reluctant friendship. Of course, Deadpool found deplorative ways of using Monty’s powers for his own benefits. In one such instance, he took him to a Monte Carlo casino and convinced him to help him win the casino games using his powers. Genius! Come on, you would have done the same thing too, right?

3 Cable

Deadpool Cable Annoying

Playing the straight man to Deadpool’s funny man shtick, Cable was officialy paired up with the Merc in Cable & Deadpool in 2004. However, their first encounter happened in New Mutants #98, when Deadpool was hired to kill Cable. Thankfully, the hit was a failure, and the two heroes eventually joined forces. Since then, fans cannot get enough of their frequent bickering and excellent teamwork. These two opposites have established themselves as a formidable team and amazing friends.

The relationship between Deadpool and Cable will be taking center stage in the upcoming movie Deadpool 2. Although Cable’s inclusion probably won’t include a large chunk of his backstory, his hilarious relationship with Deadpool will be preserved.

As we reported earlier this year, the onscreen portrayal of this duo will (thankfully) be based on their comic book depictions. We cannot wait to see actor Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds bring this unlikely duo to life onscreen.

2 Blind Al

The friendship between Blind Al and Deadpool began under the craziest circumstances. Hired to kill her initially, a pre-Deadpool Wade Wilson instead killed everyone else around her and let her go. Years later, after he became Deadpool, the two crossed paths again, and he kidnapped her for two years.

Far from a perfect friend, Deadpool has often times been cruel to her and taken advantage of Al due to her disability. He had even tortured one of her friends to near death when she tried to escape his captivity.

Though steeped with often malicious intentions, the two still have established a strong friendship and an almost mother-son relationship overall. Unwavered by his forceful personality, Blind Al seems to be one of the few people that can actually stand up to Wilson and even get him to back down. Though not the healthiest of friendships, it certainly is one of the strongest.

1 Weasel

Deadpool and Weasel - Marvel Comics

Weasel is perhaps the most well-known and closest friends of Deadpool to date. Premiering back in Cable issue #3 in 1993, a chance encounter with Deadpool changed the course of his life.

Originally a well-behaved college student with dreams of working for Norman Osborn, Weasel's encounter altered his life goals and led him to aspire for a life of crime instead. Despite being Deadpool’s sidekick and loyal friend, he is often subjected to Deadpool’s abusive nature due to his frequent mood swings and general insanity.

Thankfully, this friendship was recognized for its significance to the Deadpool mythos and was included in the Deadpool movie. This depiction, however, removed much of the abusive nature and made it more of a balanced relationship. Actor T.J. Miller, who portrayed Weasel in the first film, will reprise his role for the upcoming 2018 sequel Deadpool 2.


Which of Deadpool's friends is your favorite? Which should be introduced onscreen after Cable? Sound off in the comments!

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