Deadpool Finally Gets Beaten By… Marvel's BATMAN?

Deadpool Gets Beaten By The 'Good Night'

A good nemesis knows that showing up to defeat a hero (or in the case of Deadpool, a murderous protagonist) is only half of the fun. The true masters of suspense, foreboding, and stalking know that the prey should know they're being hunted. Unfortunately, this is Wade Wilson we're talking about. So as Good Night intercepts one contract killing after another, murdering gangsters and ninjas before Deadpool can even arrive, the mercenary is gleefully oblivious to the message being sent. (‘Good Night’ was the movie being shown the night Deadpool murdered the wealthy couple and turned their son into a psychopath.)

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Still, a mystery killer wiping out every job Deadpool lands is a problem in need of solving, so solve it he must. Naturally, that means hiring himself for a job to kill his old friend Hydra Bob, and wait for Good Night to crash the party. Which he eventually does… making his entrance by smashing through a warehouse skylight (duh) in epic fashion. Good Night might actually put Batman to shame, as a truly massive, hulking brute, mace in hand.

The black suit of body armor, cowl, and the three-point superhero landing suggest a Batman built in the image of Captain America as opposed to Superman (we suppose a flowing black cape would be too obvious). And to drive home the joke, Good Night delivers a beating that crescendos in the same iconic back-break that Batman was dealt courtesy of Bane. Healing factor or no, and even knowing how many times Deadpool has been beaten to the edge of death, it's clear that being pummeled by Good Night is a special kind of pain. Unfortunately for Deadpool, it's about to get a lot worse.

Good Night is Even More Twisted Than Batman

Even for Batman, it would be a difficult riddle: how do you torture a man who can heal from any wound, and most likely has? Revenge or cruelty in the name of hatred isn't really Bruce Wayne's style, but that's over in the DC Universe. In Marvel's, the boy who watched Deadpool slay his parents has spent his life preparing to settle the score. And in a million years, we doubt any other villain would have thought to remove Deadpool's entire skeleton.

That's where the story is left hanging, along with Wade Wilson: pinned to the wall, bones removed and laid before him. It makes sense, in a way, so we have to give Young credit. After all, the fact that Deadpool's bones would take the longest to regrow is the kind of detail that Batman would note and possibly even use to gain an advantage. But with Good Night promising to simply “hurt” Deadpool, this de-boning is likely just the beginning.

Maybe Good Night has been waiting for Deadpool to complete his outfit with a flowing, fracture-less, and feeling cape? Even for a character inspired by Batman, that is seriously dark.

Deadpool #10 is available now from your local comic shop, and directly from Marvel Comics.

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