Deadpool Finally Gets Beaten By… Marvel's BATMAN?

Warning: SPOILERS for Deadpool #10

Deadpool may be impossible to kill, but he's just been given the nastiest beating of his life by the Batman of Marvel's comic universe - a vigilante even more brutal than DC's version.

That headline is exactly the kind of crazy that Deadpool fans have come to expect, but even for Wade Wilson, his newest comic battle shatters the fourth wall like never before: facing off against a vigilante made in Batman's mold, with Bruce Wayne's origin story, and apparently an even stronger taste for violence. The un-caped crusader's brilliant plan for torturing Deadpool is bad enough, but what makes this darker knight even more twisted is that Deadpool actually created him. Strap in Bat-fans, because this is going to be a mind-blower.

Deadpool Killed Bruce Wayne's Parents (Sort Of)

It may sound hard to believe, but when Skottie Young and Nic Klein started their run with Deadpool #1, the first step for Wade's fresh start was, obviously, selecting a more incredible and heroic origin story. And after Hulk's, Spider-Man's, and Superman's origin all seemed a poor fit for Deadpool, he landed on one far more tragic: the birthday that his wealthy parents took him for a night at the theater, before a masked man slaughtered them in a dark alley.

It's only after describing the story in great detail that he recognizes it's more familiar than fiction. Not because it's the same origin story for Batman, but because Deadpool really did live through it… as the murderer, not the boy.

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If the wealthy parents, the movie theater, the fur coat, and the broken pearls falling into the gutter don't get the Batman jokes across, then the words of wisdom Deadpool passes on to the boy definitely will. The Merc With a Mouth has always been a meta jokester, with as much knowledge of the DC Universe as Marvel's. But even for Wade, his creation of the most iconic and lethal vigilante is brushed off without a second's thought.

Just Like DC, The Boy Becomes The Bat

Deadpool isn't treated to the same glimpse into that boy's life as the reader, setting up the entire premise of the larger “Good Night” story crafted by Young and artists Scott Hepburn and Ian Herring. As Deadpool, in typical fashion, idly wonders whatever happened to that traumatized kid, the truth is revealed. Wade may have recommended he steer clear of caves, capes, and any other Batman-esque hobbies, the boy is all grown up, having become the monster that now stalks those same alleys. Smashing the faces, bones, and spirits of criminals and leaving them a bloody mess, the vigilante leaves his mark on the brick walls: “GOOD NIGHT,” seemingly scrawled in the blood of his victims.

That's where Deadpool #1 left this story, seeming to many as if it would be left behind, a throwaway joke among many others. But with Deadpool #10, the Good Night has finally come calling for Deadpool. And if you ever wondered how Batman would outsmart Deadpool or Wolverine's healing factor… this is so much more disturbing.

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