Deadpool Animated Series Will Be 'Distinctly Different' From the Movies

Deadpool and Spider-Man

While the new Deadpool animated series certainly owes its existence to the film, it will feature its own unique tone and voice. After decades of cult fame, the long-simmering Deadpool movie finally became a reality last year. Even more surprising, however, was how much of a hit the R-rated action-comedy was, given its obscure lead. Fox wisely pushed forward a sequel that's in production now, which will bring Cable and Domino into the world of the X-Men universe. And while the first film's success has helped kick off a franchise and will potentially lead to new spinoff properties, the boost in popularity Deadpool has received is also leading to new projects.

Back in May, word broke that FX would be teaming with Donald and Stephen Glover to bring Deadpool animated series to life. Marvel currently has a number of animated shows on Disney XD, with the new animated Spider-Man series coming in less than two weeks. FX's Deadpool, however, will decidedly be more mature and adult-focused. Donald Glover has already made a name for himself on FX with Atlanta, which helped star Zazie Beetz get cast in Deadpool 2. While there's no word on whether she'll work with Glover as Domino in the series, Donald and his brother will certainly be bringing their style to the show.

During the TCA 2017, FX head John Landgraf made sure to note that Deadpool the series will stand on its own.

“Deadpool will be really different from the movies. It has a different tone and editorial voice. [We] wanted to make something distinctly different from the movies."

Deadpool animated TV show from Donald Glover

Given that a number of people with various backgrounds made the first Deadpool movie, it stands to reason that the Glovers' sensibilities will craft a slightly different take on the character. While certain core aspects have remained through the years, each new writer has always brought a new comedic style to Deadpool in the comics. Now, the same thing will likely start happening across various other mediums.

Landgraf also confirmed the show had been ordered to series, but there's no word yet on when it will arrive. Generally, animated shows can take a bit longer than live-action ones to materialize, but it's still safe to assume 2018 will see Deadpool premiere. In the meantime, both FX and Glover will be plenty busy.

FX will be working on season 2 of their other Marvel property, Legion. So far, Marvel TV had been good about spreading their characters around different networks. Thanks to the success of Legion and Atlanta, it makes sense FX would be the home to Deadpool.

Glover, meanwhile, will be start working on the new season of Atlanta next month. He's also filming next year's Han Solo movie, where he'll be taking over for Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian. Hopefully, we'll know more about Glover's take on Deadpool within the coming months.

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