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To celebrate both Despicable Deadpool #300 and Deadpool 2, this May will see the Regeneratin' Degenerate take over Marvel Comics with a series of variant covers. The Merc with a Mouth is about to have a very good 2018, thanks to the impending release of the currently untitled Deadpool 2. After the smash success of the first film, anticipation is high for the X-Men spinoff followup that's said to be heavier than the original Deadpool. And with a big spotlight about to be on the character, Marvel is taking full advantage.

Marvel often coordinates new comics and events to line up with their films, like how the Infinity Stones are returning to the comics just in time for Avengers: Infinity War. But even when Marvel Studios isn't producing the film, they're more than happy to invest in a little synergy. Domino has a new solo book from comic legend Gail Simone, and Despicable Deadpool will hit issue 300 this May. Thanks to that milestone, Wade Wilson is taking over a number of Marvel comics.

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Marvel released their solicits for May, and they're jam-packed full of Deadpool content. Gerry Duggan's Despicable Deadpool #300 received a fitting variant featuring 300 Deadpools from Scott Koblish, while Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld crafted a variant of his own. Check them both out below and visit the gallery for all of the Deadpool variant covers arriving in May:

[vn_gallery name="Deadpool Variant Covers" id="1192657"]

Just about every take on Deadpool that's ever existed features in the wraparound cover, including a bunch of new plays on the character based on Marvel heroes and villains. Likewise, the various Deadpool variant covers for other books this May will see Wade playing dress-up as Daredevil, The Thing, Psylocke, and more. There's even a variant for the new Quicksilver comic by Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt) that will debut in May.

On top of the variants, Deadpool will be teaming up with Honey Badger (aka the clone of Laura Kinney) in All-New Wolverine #35 along with Jonathan, the actual wolverine. Plus, the covers for the five-issue miniseries You Are Deadpool can be seen, which is a Choose Your Own Adventure game in the guise of a comic that Al Ewing is penning.

Despite Avengers 3 dropping, May will effectively be Deadpool month for Marvel. And latter this year, a Deadpool animated series from Donald Glover will also debut. All told, 2018 will be the best year yet for Deadpool fans as the character is poised for true media saturation.

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Despicable Deadpool #300 releases May 9, 2018.

Source: Marvel and Rob Liefeld

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