Deadpool 3: 10 Characters We Want To See Return

The X-Men movies might be up in the air with the Disney/Fox merger going through, but while the core series that just culminated in the predictably disappointing Dark Phoenix will be ultimately getting rebooted, Disney is reportedly happy with the Deadpool movies the way they are. This means that we’ll still get to see the promised threequel starring Ryan Reynolds’ delightfully faithful big-screen take on the Merc with a Mouth.

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The development might be stilted as the merger goes through, but it’s still happening. So, when Deadpool 3 eventually rolls around, here are 10 Characters We Want To See Return.

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Peter Deadpool 2
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10 Peter

Peter Deadpool 2

Fans fell in love with Rob Delaney’s Peter, just like Deadpool himself did, and he’s free to return since ‘Pool went back in time and saved him in the middle of the end credits. Ryan Reynolds has explained the importance of saving Peter as opposed to one of the other, better-known characters with more superpowers:

“Well, here’s the thing...I always felt that it was important to save Peter. In the helicopter, before we jump, I say to him, ‘I’d never let anything happen to you, sugar bear. I’m just saying this to impress the other guys.’” As it turns out, Deadpool is a man of his word.

9 Firefist

Deadpool 2 took a different route than most superhero movies with its villain dynamic. One villain (Cable) went back in time to kill the other villain (Firefist) before he became a villain, and the hero (Deadpool) tried to convince him not to do it, and to instead nurture the other villain, connect with him, and stop him from becoming a villain in the first place.

All of that succeeded, and by the end of the movie, they were all friends. So, in Deadpool 3, we need to see Russell continuing on the good path, fighting alongside Deadpool and Cable to do the right thing.

8 Yukio

The appearance of Yukio, Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s girlfriend in Deadpool 2, marked the first time an openly LGBTQ couple had been portrayed in a Marvel movie. Sarah Kate Ellis, the President and CEO of GLAAD, praised the relationship as “a milestone in a genre that too often renders LGBTQ people invisible.”

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Shiori Kutsuna’s purple-haired teenage version of the character in the movie was instantly lovable. In the comics, Yukio has a ton of powers that it would fun to explore in the movies. For example, she can generate electricity, she’s an excellent fighter (both with and without the aid of weapons), and she can foresee the deaths of other mutants.

7 Dopinder

In the first Deadpool movie, Dopinder was just the title character’s taxi driver. But by the time the sequel came around, they’d become close friends. Dopinder wanted to be included in ‘Pool’s superhero team, but he was turned down. Maybe in the threequel, he’ll finally let him be a part of the team.

Ever since his star-making turn in the first Deadpool movie, actor Karan Soni’s career has taken off – with roles in Detective Pikachu and Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe this year alone – so fans would welcome his return in Deadpool 3, especially if his character continues to develop and go to new places.

6 Vanessa

Deadpool 2 Vanessa

Vanessa’s unexpected death in Deadpool 2 was criticized as an example of “fridging,” which is a comic book term for when a female character is only killed off for the purposes of facilitating a male character’s narrative development. However, the mid-credits scene seemed to rectify that, as ‘Pool went back in time to save Vanessa from her killers.

Whether or not this will stick remains to be seen, because it might really mess up the timeline if it does, but either way, fans aren’t ready to bid Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa farewell yet. And she still has yet to take on her shapeshifting superhero alter ego Copycat.

5 Blind Al

It wouldn’t really feel like a Deadpool movie without Deadpool’s roommate, Blind Al. Leslie Uggams has always played the character perfectly, being just as blunt with ‘Pool as she is in the source material, and there’s also a rich history of Deadpool and Blind Al’s relationship to explore from the comics that has been mostly untapped to date.

Whether or not the mid-credits scene where Deadpool goes back in time to save Vanessa is canon is unclear, but the last time we saw Deadpool, he was still living with Al, so it would be easy to fit her into the threequel.

4 Juggernaut

Juggernaut in Deadpool 2

The appearance of the Juggernaut came as a pleasant surprise to fans in Deadpool 2. After Vinnie Jones turned the Juggernaut, one of the most beloved and iconic characters from the X-Men comics, into a meme in the dreadful X-Men: The Last Stand, there were fears that the character could never be done justice on the big screen.

Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds is a huge Juggernaut fan, so he was determined to get him right – he even voiced the character himself and sacrificed a large chunk of the sequel’s budget to do so. It’s fair to say he nailed it, and fans are itching for more.

3 Cable

Josh Brolin’s time-traveling legend Cable joined Deadpool 2 as a villain who planned to kill the kid whose reign of destruction murdered his family and then head back to his own time. However, Deadpool taught him to give people a chance and stopped the kid from turning evil instead of killing him.

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This inspired Cable to use his last time-travel charge to save ‘Pool, sacrificing his chance to reunite with his family. This was great for Deadpool fans because it meant that we’d get to see more of his incredibly choreographed high-tech fighting and odd-couple relationship with the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool 3.

2 Domino

Although fans were most excited about the big-screen debut of Cable in the lead up to Deadpool 2, it was Domino who emerged as the movie’s breakout new character. Zazie Beetz played a character who could’ve been a laughing stock (due to her superpower being luck) as plucky, determined, tough, and someone you’d happily watch in a dozen more movies.

In Deadpool 2, Deadpool maintained that luck isn’t a superpower every time Domino used it. The writers surely wouldn’t rely on this joke for another movie, and it would be interesting to see where they go with it. Maybe Deadpool comes around and starts to appreciate Domino’s abilities.

1 Negasonic Teenage Warhead

At this point, Negasonic Teenage Warhead has as much a right to be included in a Deadpool movie as Deadpool himself does. She was a totally obscure character when Fox first decided to include her in 2016’s Deadpool, but thanks to a killer performance by Brianna Hildebrand, she quickly became one of the silver screen’s best-loved superheroes.

Her banter with Deadpool has proven time and time again that they’re a hilarious double act. She’s immensely powerful, with her impressive roster of abilities including telepathy, prescience, telekinesis, super speed, super strength, and even something called nucleokinesis. These movies are far from done with her.

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