Deadpool 2's Zazie Beetz Praises Ryan Reynolds' Performance

On the red carpet of the Emmys last night, Atlanta star Zazie Beetz had nothing but praise for her Deadpool 2 co-star Ryan Reynolds. With Atlanta scoring a number of big wins at the ceremony last night and Deadpool 2 set to be just as massive as last year's film, Beetz will soon be a very well-known name. After impressing on the FX series, her casting as Domino in the offbeat X-Men film is just one of many aspects of the movie that has movie fans excited.

As we await a teaser or synopsis for Deadpool 2, the film's summer production has offered plenty of glimpses of Beetz in action as Domino. One of the many set videos that arrived online for the film showed Domino demonstrating some of her skills, and photos over the past few months have teased a lot of action for the luck-controlling mutant. By all accounts, Beetz has adapted quite well to a blockbuster superhero film, and that's partially thanks to the example set by the star of next year's film.

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ET spoke with Beetz on the red carpet for the Emmys last night, where the actor was asked what it was like working with Ryan Reynolds. All told, it seems that while Domino may be unimpressed by Deadpool, Beetz was in awe of Reynold's and his dedication.

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“Honestly, it’s amazing kind of watching Ryan do his thing because you think like, 'Oh, he has the mask on and you can ADR all of it' or whatever, but he is genuinely incredibly talented, and it’s pretty impressive to watch. He’s just really good. And so, for me, this is the biggest thing I’ve done, so I’ve been very much sort of observing and it’s been a good vibe set to observe on and [there's] a lot of really talented people."

While many actors often stand in stark contrast to the characters they play, it looks as if Reynolds is just as enjoyable in real life as he is on film. As for his commitment to the role, it makes sense. After all, Reynolds spent years trying to bring a proper version of Deadpool to the big screen. Now, the character is more popular than ever before and it's mostly thanks to the actor's hard work and dedication.

Deadpool 2 may have wrapped filming, but promotion is just about to kick off for the film. Earlier today, the movie's other big star, Josh Brolin, shared a deranged new image of his character Cable. While audiences will be excited to see the return of Deadpool and his friends, the addition of Cable and Domino to the film is certainly a selling point. Now, all we need to know is who the big villain will be for Deadpool 2.

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Source: ET

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