Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds Shares Where's Waldo-Inspired Artwork

Channeling all the comedy of his famous comic book character, Ryan Reynolds has sent Deadpool 2 fans on an Easter egg hunt with some Where's Waldo-inspired artwork.

20th Century Fox's marketing machine is going into overdrive ahead of Deadpool 2's May 18 release and it looks like Reynolds is also getting in on the action. While the likes of Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are facing some major problems, the 41-year-old is suiting up as Wade Wilson with his usual tongue-in-cheek cheerfulness to remind audiences why he is perfect in the role.

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Google Maps offered its own version of the classic puzzle game for Easter, but Reynolds decided to take it one step further. Taking to Instagram, the Merc With a Mouth told his followers, "I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden" as he sent them on a mission to find the X-Men:

I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden.

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The artwork neatly combines the past 18 years of X-Men movies, making reference to everything from Bryan Singer's X-Men through to Gavin Hood's maligned Origins: Wolverine and beyond. Featured in the grounds of Charles Xavier's mansion in Westchester, the scene looks like it has been plucked from the midst of chaos in one of Fox's many X-Men adventures. Front-and-center are obviously Deadpool and Cable to hype David Leitch's upcoming sequel, but they aren't the only mutant marvels knocking around in the picture. Eagle-eyed comic book aficionados will spot Magneto, Storm, and even the ever-forgotten Jubilee.

On the left, Patrick Stewart's Xavier is seen chasing McAvoy's long-haired version with a pair of scissors, while Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is having some daddy-daughter time with Dafne Keene's X-23. Elsewhere, there is a subtle nod to Beauty and the Beast with Hank McCoy alongside Belle, and there is a James Marsden/Famke Janssen reunion to take a pop at X-Men: The Last Stand. Interestingly, the six-armed character Spiral (still absent from the movies) can be found in the bottom-left corner.

There has always been a convoluted relationship between the classic X-Men and the Deadpool movies, so while Deadpool 2 (probably) won't feature the likes of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Beast or Wolverine, Reynolds is showing off what could be if everyone learned to share. With rumors of a super secret cameo coming to Deadpool 2, everyone has their own theories on which famous face from the X-Men alumni could be sharing the screen with the sass-mouthed superhero. Does Reynold's post offer any clues towards who this could be? Either way, with Deadpool 2 just weeks away, get ready for more bad language and breaking the fourth wall than you can shake a katana at!

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