X-Force's Least Useful Member Has A Real Twitter Account

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Update: The Deadpool 2 writers want Peter to get his own X-Force spinoff.

Peter - the final and apparently least useful member of Deadpool's X-Force team in Deadpool 2 - has been revealed to have a real world Twitter account. The account reveals that Peter is a married man and a grilling enthusiast as well as an experienced bee-keeper.

Peter was introduced to the world in the final trailer for Deadpool 2. An eternal optimist who believes that "the only disability in life is a bad attitude," the unemployed Peter answered Wade Wilson's advertisement looking for super-powered mercenaries to help him with protecting a young boy. The trailer revealed that Deadpool accepted him to the team, despite - or perhaps because of - Peter's total lack of qualifications.

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Peter's Twitter account offers further insight into the mysterious would-be mercenary. You can see several choice Tweets in the pictures below. In addition to revealing Peter's belief in flying lions, his love of Friends and Frasier reruns and his strong anti-drug stance, Peter is also revealed to have dreams of being a samurai. This may explain why he was seeking employment as a superhero, figuring that might be the closest equivalent to a modern day ronin.

Peter's popularity on-line has been growing rapidly since his appearance in the Deadpool 2 trailer. This is largely due to how Peter has been afforded a rare honor, being the second account to be followed by Deadpool's official Twitter account. It should be noted that the first account Deadpool followed is the official Twitter account for Hello Kitty.

All joking aside, the creation of Peter's Twitter account is a brilliant move on the part of Fox's marketing team for Deadpool 2. It remains to be seen, however, how Peter may prove himself to be of use to X-Force. Perhaps his knowledge of bee-keeping will prove instrumental in stopping some bee-themed villain - perhaps even the sentient Nazi bee pack known as Swarm!  Because if there's one thing worse than bees running out of control, it's Nazi bees running out of control.

It's possible that Deadpool 2 will reveal Peter as secretly bad-ass, much like fellow mustache enthusiast Nick Offerman. It may even be possible that Peter's straight-edge, Bible-reading lifestyle could be just the thing to even out the hedonistic Wade Wilson and inspire him (and the rest of the X-Force membership) to true heroism and a godly life. And if you believe that, we have some prime coastal real estate in Nebraska we'd like to talk about selling to you.

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