Deadpool 2's Brilliant (And Controversial) X-Force Decision

Will the Original X-Force Line-Up Stay Dead?

As perfect as X-Force's introduction and immediate mass-slaughter was, some fans may be disappointed that they never got to see the team in action - especially since Terry Crews (Bedlam), Lewis Tan (Shatterstar) and Bill Skarsgård (Zeitgeist) are popular actors with strong fan followings. And before they all died their horrible deaths, they did look pretty cool.

There might be some hope in the fact that Deadpool 2's end-credits scenes bring one member of the X-Force team back to life. Negasonic Teenage Warhead manages to repair Cable's time travel device, and Deadpool uses it to travel back in time and warn Peter away from trying to help Zeitgeist. Peter agrees that things have gotten pretty scary and decides to just walk away from the fight and go home. He might appear again in future movies, but he seems to have decided against launching a new career as a superhero.

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However, Deadpool doesn't use time-travel to bring any of the other members of X-Force's original line-up back to life, and we haven't heard anything about Crews, Tan or Skarsgård signing on for multiple movies (Zazie Beetz has a three-movie deal as Domino), so sadly we may have seen the last of X-Force's original line-up... unless of course Deadpool has a change of heart somewhere down the line and uses Cable's time travel device to bring everyone back. Speaking in an interview with CBR, co-writer Rhett Reese said that the introduction of the time machine means "we can always go back in time and make anybody alive," and specifically referenced Shatterstar as a character who could return if fans were really upset over his death:

"In the very back of our mind, we did have the time machine in our heads, saying if we really need to resurrect Shatterstar, if people are that upset that he’s going, we can do it."

So, don't give up hope of seeing the original X-Force recruits again!

Who's in Deadpool 2's Final X-Force Line-Up?

Deadpool 2 - Zazie Beetz as Domino

At the end of the movie, Deadpool has managed to scrounge together a new X-Force line-up, consisting of himself, Domino, Cable, Firefist, Colossus and Dopinder. At least, those are the six characters who are seen walking down the road together when the movie ends. Domino and Cable are already confirmed to be returning for X-Force, and we can almost certainly expect to see Deadpool in that movie as well. In the movie's end credits, Shioli Kutsuna's (Yukio) name is accompanied with a caption that says, "the X-Force is strong with this one," so we may see her again in X-Force. And who knows - perhaps Deadpool will be able to convince Negasonic Teenage Warhead to come along for the ride as well.

According to Deadpool 2 writer Rhett Reese, Drew Goddard already has a story in mind for X-Force, so don't be surprised if he ends up adding a character or two of his own to the line-up. Apparently Deadpool's world is just full of random mutants and aliens cruising LinkedIn for superhero team opportunities, so it shouldn't be too hard to round up a few more recruits.

Let us know what you thought of Deadpool 2's big X-Force twist, and whether you're hoping those characters will somehow return, in the comments below!

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