Deadpool 2's Brilliant (And Controversial) X-Force Decision

Deadpool 2's X-Force

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Deadpool 2


Deadpool 2 is a family film, which means it's all about the Merc With a Mouth bringing together a ragtag group of heroes to form his own super-team: X-Force! Per Deadpool's vision, this team will be "forward-thinking, gender-neutral, and young enough to carry a franchise for ten to twelve years." Around the midpoint of the movie, Weasel goes on LinkedIn and gathers together some promising and not-so-promising applicants, all of whom make it onto the team (because it turns out Deadpool isn't actually that picky).

The newly-formed X-Force grab a helicopter ride ready to sky-dive into their first mission... and then almost all of them are horribly killed before or shortly after they make it to the ground. Maybe Deadpool should have taken that wind advisory a bit more seriously.

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X-Force's disastrous first mission is easily one of the best and funniest scenes in the movie, made all the better by how well it was kept secret. The trailers for Deadpool 2 even included shots of Bedlam and Shatterstar fighting bad guys (which they never actually get around to doing), so that fans would assume that they all land safely. Instead, we get an escalating series of gory disasters, a Brad Pitt cameo, and undeniable proof that luck really is a superpower.

X-Force in Deadpool 2's Marketing

The X-Force twist works so well because the team had been built up so much in the marketing. In fact, fans who have been closely following all the latest Deadpool-related news will know that an X-Force movie is already in development, with Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) writing and directing. Everyone was expecting Deadpool 2 to introduce the team and give them their first adventure, before launching them into their own franchise.

The line-up of characters included quite a few D-listers, but that's fitting for a movie franchise where the smaller budgets are a running joke. Domino and Cable, both of whom are intrinsically tied to X-Force in the comics, were the most heavily promoted new characters in Deadpool 2's trailers. Curiously, however, there were no big announcements for the other members of the team until the final trailer, which introduced all of them by name (excluding Vanisher).

In hindsight, the fact that Deadpool 2's marketing didn't focus too much on X-Force makes a lot of sense - after all, they have so little screen time that there wasn't actually a lot of footage that could be included in the trailers. Nonetheless, both the pre-movie hype and the movie itself give X-Force enough build-up that their downfall is as unexpected as it is hilarious.

X-Force's First Mission

Peter Deadpool 2 X-Force

Deadpool decides that they will sky-dive onto the convoy as it passes through Vancouver - seemingly for no other reason than to look cool and make an entrance. After all, Deadpool 2 has a bigger budget than the first movie, so why not go full Point Break? While they're in the helicopter, the pilot notes that they're experiencing some bad turbulence and Peter gets a little nervous about the wind levels - but Deadpool dismisses his "Sugar-Bear's" concerns. X-Force dives from the helicopter as AC/DC belts out "Thunderstruck" and for a brief shining moment they do look really cool. Then they open their parachutes, and it all goes wrong.

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The wind sends X-Force spinning wildly off-course. Deadpool manages to get off fairly easily by crashing into a billboard, but most of his recruits aren't so lucky. Bedlam steers into the path of an oncoming bus and gets instantly pulverized. Shatterstar's parachute carries him directly into the blades of a helicopter, reducing him to green goo and a severed hair braid. Vanisher gets tangled up in electrical cables and fried (making him visible for just long enough to reveal Brad Pitt in his first superhero role), and is later seen falling to earth as a burned-up husk. Zeitgeist somehow manages to land in a woodchipper feet-first. Peter (who landed safely) tries to get him out, but Zeitgeist spews acidic vomit all over him and gets sucked into the wood chipper and reduced to bloody mulch as Peter dissolves in agony on the ground.

Domino lands safely, of course.

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