Deadpool 2 Trailer Teases New X-Force Costume

The latest Deadpool 2 trailer for the upcoming X-Men universe sequel teases a new X-Force costume for Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). The first Deadpool movie hit theaters in early 2016 and went on to become not only the highest grossing X-Men universe film to date, but the top earning R-rated film of all time. As a result, 20th Century Fox ordering a sequel was a no-brainer. Fox went a bit further, though, and actually put both Deadpool 2 and 3 into development, as well as an X-Force movie. Since Deadpool 2 introduces Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) - two X-Force characters - it's clear Fox has big plans for their Deadpool series.

First, though, the so far still untitled Deadpool sequel will hit theaters in just under two months. Fox has promoted Deadpool 2 with a teaser in which the Merc dressed as Bob Ross and a longer Deadpool sequel trailer introducing Cable. Now, the full trailer for Deadpool 2 continues to tease the further adventures of Wade Wilson. This latest trailer confirms a version of X-Force will appear in Deadpool 2, but it also gives Wade Wilson not one, but two new costumes. Both reference alternate Deadpool suits from the comics.

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At the 1:53 point in the full-length Deadpool 2 trailer, Wade Wilson coats himself in a white powder. It's unclear what exactly this white powder is, but considering Deadpool's character it could be anything from chalk to ash to cocaine. Then at the 1:57 mark, we see another shot of Deadpool in an ashy suit at what appears to be the end of a fight. It's likely this is just a later version of the suit he covered in white powder, but even still, it appears to be an homage to the gray X-Force suit of the comics.

Deadpool's gray suit comes from the Uncanny X-Force comic run from writer Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opeña. The gray Deadpool 2 X-Force costume was actually accidentally revealed by star and producer Ryan Reynolds. When the actor shared a photo from a costume trailer to celebrate the film wrapping, a gray suit could be seen in the background. Since then, fans have expected to see a version of the gray X-Force costume in Deadpool 2. Though, whether it's a fully gray and black suit or a version of the red costume covered in something white/gray remains to be seen.

Then later on in the trailer, at the 2:08 mark, Deadpool wears a loose version of an X-Men costume. Well, it's not so much a costume as an X-Men cropped top over his typical red and black suit. While it's not the Deadpool X-Men costume worn in either his solo comic series or Cable & Deadpool, it's a fun homage to the comics. Plus, considering Deadpool likes to poke fun at the X-Men, it's sure to be a fun gag in the film.

Beyond these two moments in the trailer, it's unclear whether Deadpool will get an official new suit in the sequel. At certain points in the trailer, it seems Wade is holding his suit together with duct tape. If that's not a clear indication Wade needs some new threads, then what is? Certainly, Deadpool's red and black getup is synonymous with the character, but fans would undoubtedly love to see Wade Wilson sport a secondary outfit. If we don't get to see a fully new and different suit in Deadpool 2, there's always hope for X-Force and Deadpool 3.

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