Exclusive: Deadpool 2 Writers Joke About Cable Casting

Cable killing Professor X

With Logan now in the rearview, X-Men fans are now eagerly anticipating what's next for the franchise. While Fox have a number of projects in the works, Deadpool 2 is far and away the one moviegoers seem most excited to see. Following the recent teaser, which is reportedly far more absurd than the final film, fans everywhere are ready for the Merc with the Mouth to come back to theaters. He won't be alone either, as we know he'll be joined by a number of obscure comic book characters. The sequel will also see the return of Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who's going to have a much more prominent role.

Meanwhile, attention has turned to two of the most eagerly awaited additions to the cast: Cable and Domino. For Domino's part, Zazie Beetz was unorthodoxly announced as cast in the role via Ryan Reynold's Twitter, two weeks back. With that mystery solved, everyone's attention has been squarely focused on who will play fan-favorite mutant Cable. Just yesterday, we were told we could expect the Cable announcement soon, so we decided to head straight to the source to learn what we could.

We recently sat down with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the chief writers behind both Deadpool films, and picked their brains about the casting of Cable. Like the humorous way in which Reynold's announced who was playing Domino, we asked if a similar approach was coming soon for Cable:

Rhett: Yes, Cable's gonna be announced reasonably soon, I think. We can't say who it's gonna be but it's very exciting. Cable's very important. He's important as his own character, but his relationship to Deadpool is very important, so you have to get someone that has a good rapport with [Reynolds], someone who can bounce off him, and someone that can be a straight man to his lunatic, but also be funny in his own right.

Paul: And ominous, and tough, and badass...

Rhett: And kinda scary, and come from another time and not really relate to Deadpool and his ridiculous pop-culture references, so all of those things are gonna require kind of a heavyweight. Someone who can really handle it and we're getting close to that actor. Again, I can't say it.

Cable and Deadpool fighting

From there, we began dropping just about every name we've heard that may be in the running for Cable. From Russell Crowe to David Harbour to Pierce Brosnan, Reese and Wernick answered many with a laugh, saying that every name—and many more—were on their short list. While it was hard to judge who might be up for the part, they did offer up names like Stephen Lang and Liam Neeson on their own. While we've yet to hear Neeson's name in the running, the whole conversation seemed to indicate that a number of high caliber actors were being considered. Reese summed up that any one of them would be perfect for the role in the eyes of the people behind Deadpool 2:

"Like, it's been flying around, and most of those names, not every single one I mentioned, but most of them I feel very comfortable actually. There's some solid, solid actors on that list."

Considering that the casting of Domino came out of the blue and in a very nonchalant way, expect Cable's casting to arrive in a similar manner. Anyone anxious to see who will play the time-traveling mutant would do wise to watch Reynolds Twitter, or simply stay tuned as we'll bring you all the latest Deadpool 2 news as it arrives.

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