Deadpool 2 Writers Are Down To Write An Avengers Movie

Deadpool 2 writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are interested in writing an Avengers movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool and The Avengers

The writers behind Deadpool 2 want to tackle a future Avengers film. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have become two of Hollywood's biggest writers over the last few years. Thanks to subverting the superhero genre with the help of Ryan Reynolds, they're tackling a number of projects in the future. As of right now, there's no official announcement that they'll return to write the Merc with a Mouth in future films, but this break in their schedule has allowed them to take on several new projects.

The writing duo are attached to write Ryan Reynolds' remake/reboot of Clue. They're also getting an original concept off the ground with Michael Bay directing their script for 6 Underground. There are also plans for Zombieland 2 to finally happen. Even with multiple genres and projects on the horizon, the duo aren't interested in completely leaving comic book movies behind.

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Thanks to Deadpool 2 hitting theaters, Wernick and Reese did an AMA on Reddit to discuss the film, their careers, and a variety of other topics. One fan asked them about the chance of them heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically to tackle a future Avengers film. Wernick/Reese simply replied, "Yes, please," letting everyone know they're ready for such a task.

Wernick and Reese would be the latest writing duo to tackle the property if they hypothetically took the reins next. After Zak Penn and director Joss Whedon collaborated on The Avengers, Whedon took complete control of the script for Avengers: Age of Ultron. When the Russo brothers came aboard for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, they brought their frequent script duo Chirstopher Markus and Stephen McFeely with them. If future Avengers movies are looking for writers, Wernick and Reese could easily knock it out of the park.

Even though they've blown up thanks to both Deadpool movies, they've always been involved with ensemble movies. ZombielandG.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Life all have ensemble elements to them. Their biggest task, however, came with Deadpool 2. Not only did they continue to build a story around Wade Wilson but also introduce the X-Force and much, much more. What's more, all of their future projects have multiple lead characters. Avengers has become one of the biggest ensemble franchises ever, so whoever takes on the future films will need to be able to successfully balance several characters and stories. Wernick and Reese have certainly proven they can do just that.

While they are interested, there's no telling if they'll get the call or when the next Avengers will happen. More Avengers movies are likely coming, but will Avengers 5 follow the every three year model? If so, that pushes another installment to a 2022 release. If Wernick and Reese's upcoming projects are hits, too, then they'll only continue to become in-demand writers. Maybe that entices Marvel Studios to bring them into the fold even more, but it could also result in them being too busy to ever do it. Since we don't know if it will ever happen, there's at least evidence to support why they'd be great potential choices to write a future Avengers.

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