Deadpool 2’s Writers Have The Most Tongue-In-Cheek Cameo

Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Deadpool 2


Deadpool 2 is full of cameos, including some big Hollywood A-listers, but there are also some lesser known faces who crop up throughout the movie - including a pair you might have missed. Deadpool 2 is about to head into its opening weekend, one which is likely to see it topple Avengers: Infinity War at the box office, and overall it could end up making more than the first Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds is back as the Merc with a Mouth, with Josh Brolin as Cable, Zazie Beetz as Domino, and Julian Dennison as Russell a.k.a. Firefist. Deadpool 2 was directed by David Leitch, who has a brief cameo in the movie, and written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, both of whom have the best cameo of all.

They're not easy to spot simply because they're not in the public eye, so as a viewer, you don't immediately know they're not regular actors. Also, their appearance is pretty brief. It comes just after Deadpool and his self-assembled X-Force all parachute out of the plane, into strong winds. One by one, each of them meets their end, except for Domino and Deadpool. Zeitgeist is shredded in a particularly gruesome way, and then vomits his acid onto Peter. The Vanisher briefly appears in his (famous) human form as he's electrocuted, and Bedlam smashes into a bus. All rather unfortunate, but it's Shatterstar's death that's particularly gross.

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When Shatterstar introduces himself, he explains that he's an alien from the planet Mojoworld. The audience gets a graphic look at his alien anatomy when he smashes into a helicopter's spinning blades and... well, shatters. Green goo flies everywhere, covering the news helicopter pilot and his cameraman, who happen to be played by Reese and Wernick, respectively.

Deadpool 2 X-Force team

The hilarious deaths happen in quick succession in this scene, so you might be laughing too hard to spot Reese and Wernick's cameos. However, it's made all the funnier when you think back to the opening of Deadpool 2, where the writers are labelled as the "real villains" for killing off Vanessa. Not only did they ruin Deadpool's life right at the start of the movie, they're also on the scene during X-Force's first mission to kill off another character.

Reese and Wernick stuffed Deadpool 2's script with inside jokes that only certain factions of the audience would understand, and this seems to be one of them. Another scene with Alan Tudyk and Matt Damon as truckers, features an intense discussion between the pair regarding toilet tissue. The monologue is based on Reese's own manifesto about the inadequacy of toilet paper, apparently, and both he and Reynolds felt it was important to include it in Deadpool 2.

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