Deadpool 2: Every Wolverine & Hugh Jackman Reference

3. Prisoner 24601 From Les Miserables

The Australian actor who plays Wolverine was the butt of just as many jokes in the first Deadpool, but is given more of pass in the sequel. One of the best shots isn't spoken out loud, and isn't actually involving Wolverine... or a superhero film at all. When Deadpool is outlining his plan using crayons and a crudely (yet intricately) drawn blueprint of their mission, no location or key player has been overlooked.

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Russell, the pyromancer delinquent, has been designated as "Prisoner 24601" on the blueprint. The musical fans will already get the joke, since that is the famous inmate number reserved for Jean Valjean, the protagonist of Les Misérables - a character played to an Oscar nomination by, you guessed it, Hugh Jackman.

2. Logan's Death Scene Music Returns

Of all the incredible moments in Logan, the way that director James Nangold decided to send the Wolverine off from this world was among the very beast. Needless to say, the perfect ending for Wolverine is also the perfect opportunity for Deadpool 2 to spoof it. But where the scene was called out overtly for a laugh in the movie's opening scene, the second - superior - joke comes in a fashion that most will probably miss.

After Wade Wilson has succeeded in saving the future of Russell by taking a bullet, and without his healing abilities, the end finally seems near. As Deadpool rattles off even more jokes, the audience knows that it isn't really the final scene for the Merc With a Mouth. What they won't know is that the music underscoring the "death" scene is the exact same one played for Wolverine's own death in Logan. The movie's best joke, one could argue. The fact that only one or two audience members will be cracking up makes it even better.


Deadpool 2 Peter

Not all references to Hugh Jackman have to be in the form of a ribbing shot or playful jab, as evidenced in the character Peter. As the other X-Force heroes are gearing up for the mission, it's the civilian Peter who points out that the real danger they'll be battling is the sun. Specifically its ability to cause melanoma. Smothering his face in sunscreen may be taken as an odd joke, but it too is likely a loving nod to Jackman.

After recently having cancerous skin cells removed from his nose for the sixth time, Jackman took to social media to promote the use of sunscreen, explaining his new perspective on tanning. It's good advice, and frankly, there's no better way for Deadpool to show his true affection and admiration for Wolverine and his star actor than to spread his message. 'Screen up!

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