Deadpool 2: Every Wolverine & Hugh Jackman Reference

WARNING: This article contains Deadpool 2 SPOILERS

The first Deadpool movie traded heavily in references to both Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, and Deadpool 2 has taken it to new heights. That might be expected, since both Wade Wilson and Logan were turned into super-healing kilers by the same Weapon X Program of Marvel Comics. But the jokes and references made in the movies were taking aim at Wolverine's movie franchise and star - and when Hugh Jackman showed he was game to keep the humor building, fans knew Deadpool 2 would up the ante.

It doesn't disappoint, making even more connections to the X-Men movies' hero and his poignant, dramatic send-off, Logan. In fact, the most 'serious' moment in the entire movie career of Wolverine is the very first one to get mocked by Deadpool 2. We wouldn't have it any other way. The Wolverine cameo in Deadpool 2's end credits scene will be the scene fans will be laughing about for years, but there are more they might have missed (along with Matt Damon's cameo in the X-Men universe).

Let's break down every nod and not-so-loving reference to Hugh Jackman and his time as the X-Men's biggest star.

6. Logan's Movie Death Becomes a Music Box

In a peculiar way, it seems as though Deadpool 2 is made to begin exactly where Logan ended. It might be a stretch to claim some larger artistic intent is behind that decision more than the opening joke, but it's possible. For those who may not remember, the conclusion of Logan saw Wolverine eliminate all remaining threats to his genetic clone-daughter Laura... and wind up impaled on a tree stump, healing factor failing for his trouble.

If you had forgotten that final attack before Logan's burial, the opening scene of Deadpool 2 would jog your memory, since Wade has turned that soul-crushing end into a delightful music box. And you have to admit: seeing a scaled-down model of the aging, undershirt-wearing Wolverine skewered through on a fake tree limb... definitely takes away from the emotional weight. Still, we're willing to wager that the few seconds of the Logan music box - rotating to a chiming version of "All Outta Love" - is all it takes to send demand for that exact prop skyrocketing.

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The studio may not capitalize on the obvious merchandising potential, but you have to assume of all the jokes in the film, it will be this one that anyone on the Logan team will appreciate most.

5. Deadpool Did The R-Rating First

Deadpool 2 Prison

There was a time when the fact that "you can't do Deadpool justice without an R-Rating" was seen as a major reason for NOT making the movie. The tide only turned when somebody leaked the Deadpool test footage to the world and proved the demand for a no-punches-pulled action extravaganza. Soon after the film earned more money than almost every other R-Rated movie to this point, it was confirmed that Hugh Jackman's final appearance as Wolverine in Logan would also cast off the censors and embrace gore and violence as fans always hoped.

A fact not lost on Deadpool, calling out the copycat in the opening scenes:

"F*** Wolverine. First he rides my coat tails with the R-Rating. Then the hairy motherf***er ups the ante by dying. What a dick. Well guess what Wolverine? I'm dying in this one too."

For the record, the official story is that Logan was always aiming for an R-Rating, but we doubt that's going to change Deadpool's mind.

4. Wolverine "Hero Flakes" Cereal

The first appearance of Ryan Reynolds as himself doesn't come until the movie's end credits, when Deadpool travels through time to prevent Green Lantern from being made (Canada thanks him). The first time the movie plays with its star's identity comes much sooner, when Deadpool decides to share his newfound X-Men fame with a boy nearby Russell's fiery outbreak. After smashing through the window into the boy's kitchen, Deadpool autographs a box of "Hero Flakes" breakfast cereal (before the boy notes he's only a trainee, and Deadpool delivers a callback to his 'superhero pose' from the first movie).

The autograph reads Ryan Reynolds, but its Hugh Jackman who anchors the cereal as its titular hero. Hey, at least they went with one of the marketing images from The Wolverine, and not one of the character's more panned appearances.

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