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New character photos for Deadpool 2 have been released via a viral site that lets you join the Merc with a Mouth's fan club. The untitled Deadpool sequel has so far foregone a proper marketing campaign and instead leaned into Wade Wilson's irreverent personality. For one thing, the movie still doesn't have a proper title and the only footage we've seen came from Bob-Ross-inspired Deadpool 2 teaser that was hardly informative. But with the movie now coming a little earlier than expected, marketing has begun in earnest.

The first Deadpool 2 trailer is attached to Black Panther according to sources, which makes sense given their Marvel connection. It also means the first real look at the movie will arrive just three months before the film. We haven't been without Deadpool content in the meantime, however, as all sorts of funny images and posters have arrived. Just today, a Flashdance-inspired Deadpool 2 poster teased that more promotion was forthcoming. Now, a viral site for the film has gone online.

RELATED: Deadpool 2 Poster Gets In The Thanksgiving Spirit has gone live, offering fans a chance to see new Deadpool 2 content. For now, the only 'Exclusive' on the site is the Flashdance poster, but luckily more should be coming soon. In the meantime, the main page features yearbook-style photos of the core cast and also lets fans sign up for an old-school comic-book-style fan club.

The images offer new looks at Jack and Ellie aka Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and also give us another glimpse at Domino and Cable. We've seen teases of the two new mutants' arrival, but fans are likely eager to see them in action when the first Deadpool 2 trailer does arrive. Likely, that look at the film will also confirm its title. In the meantime, eager fans should add their email to the site as more goodies are sure to arrive soon.

Ryan Reynolds has made sure to keep Deadpool 2 content flowing, in effect doing a better job than most marketing campaigns for blockbusters. The glimpses we've seen of Deadpool 2 so far are generally more entertaining than most posters and teasers, making fans more apt to share them and do the marketing department's job for free. We'll likely see this lead followed more in the future for comedies and movies whose stars have a big social media presence.

Speaking of social media, even before the viral site and poster were unveiled Deadpool 2 live-tweeted the Super Bowl in lieu of a big game spot. The result was another cheap way of marketing the film and grabbing headlines, all in the spirit of the character's tone. The first movie was a surprise success, but it's clear Deadpool 2 will be an even bigger hit given how well its promotional campaign has resonated with fans.

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