Deadpool Mounts the Pole in New Deadpool 2 TV Spots

Deadpool shows off his skills on the stripper pole and Peter warns about the dangers of melanoma in a couple of new TV spots for this year's irreverent superhero sequel Deadpool 2. Directed by David Leitch (Atomic Blonde), the movie sees Ryan Reynolds squeeze back into that tight black-and-red suit and form a new super-group called X-Force, in an effort to save a mutant kid who has been targeted by time-traveling cyborg Cable.

In addition to being a follow-up to the massive surprise hit of 2016, Deadpool 2 will also serve as the lead-in to a spin-off X-Force movie written and directed by Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods). While we can assume that the team members featured in Deadpool 2 - Domino, Zeitgeist, Bedlam, Shatterstar and, er, Peter - will return for X-Force, we're still waiting for confirmation on most of them - though it was recently revealed that Domino actress Zazie Beetz has a three-picture deal with Fox.

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One trailer for Deadpool 2 included a clip where his trusty cab driver Dopinder dreamily opines about Deadpool's "strong thighs," coupled with a shot of Wade Wilson wearing extremely high heels in a fight scene. One of the two new TV spots shows a little more from that sequence with "Stripper Deadpool," including a shot in which our hero sports a beautiful blond wig. Meanwhile, in another new TV spot, X-Force's most useless recruit, Peter, gets practical about skincare as he applies sun lotion before the team performs an epic helicopter sky dive.

Deadpool 2 will mark the second big superhero outing of the year for Josh Brolin, who played purple outer space supervillain Thanos in this month's Avengers: Infinity War, and who has a mechanical arm and a really big gun in Deadpool 2. The second TV spot confirms that Cable really is out to kill the mutant kid played by Julian Dennison, rather than capture him, though we still aren't sure exactly who Dennison is playing or why Cable wants to get rid of him so badly.

If Cable represents the high end of the movie's seriousness scale, then Peter represents its peak silliness. According to the latest trailer, Deadpool recruits the members of X-Force via LinkedIn, and Peter decides to show up despite his lack of qualifications (i.e. superpowers). Fortunately for him, Deadpool has very low standards.

As for how Deadpool ends up wearing high heels and a big blond wig - well, that's really par for the course when it comes to Wade Wilson. At this point we won't even question it; just sit back and enjoy the show.

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