Deadpool 2: Every Character We Caught In The Trailer

See which major Marvel characters you may have missed in the Deadpool 2 trailer - and perhaps more importantly, which ones didn't appear at all.

With the debut of the teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 finally dropping earlier this morning, audiences got their first look at many of the new characters we'll be introduced to in the long-awaited sequel. Of course, these brief glimpses came after about a minute and a half of the Merc with a Mouth riffing on America's sweetheart and all-around greatest human being to ever walk the earth, Bob Ross. After Wade Wilson's take on the Joy of Painting (appropriately designated Gettin' Wet on Wet with Deadpool 2) wrapped up with some technical difficulties and a drug-fueled freakout, the action kicked into high gear. For about 10 seconds, anyway.

Through a brief series of less-than-revealing jumpcuts, the Deadpool 2 teaser functioned exactly as it was intended: build up hype around the film while giving away as little as possible. And while the official movie synopsis that was released in the aftermath of the trailer was admittedly hysterical, it somehow managed to reveal even less information than the teaser.

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We may know next to nothing regarding the actual plot of the film itself (assuming that Deadpool hasn't left his day job to become "a disfigured cafeteria chef") but there's still quite a bit to glean from the teaser from a character standpoint. In case you missed them amongst the chaos, or if you were still too busy giggling from the Bob Ross riff, read on to see who popped in to say hi in the teaser.

Deadpool (obviously)

This probably didn't need confirmation, but yes, Deadpool does indeed appear in the first look trailer for Deadpool 2. Wade Wilson follows up a solid Bob Ross impersonation with a starring role in the 10 seconds of movie footage. The world's chattiest mercenary unleashes all sorts of hell in the clip, brandishing sidearms and chainsaws while showing off some serious muscles by ramming himself into a car to forcibly eject a bad guy.

It's that last bit that's particularly intriguing; Wade is seen sprinting head on into a parked car, hitting it hard enough to blast out the windows and send his target tumbling out of the vehicle. In his early comic appearances, Deadpool was depicted with super strength, though that ability was eventually dropped. It remains to be seen just how strong the big screen version of the character is.


Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin as Deadpool and Vanessa in Deadpool

Wade Wilson's lady love Vanessa makes a brief appearance in the teaser, in which you can spot her leaping into his arms. Vanessa fell hard for the fast-talking mercenary the first time around, and it looks like she's sticking by her man despite his lengthy disappearance and topographical-map-of-Utah-like face.

We don't know much about what to expect from the character in Deadpool 2, though Monica Baccarin has previously teased Vanessa's "evolution" in the follow-up. Does that mean that Copycat is on the way? We'll find out in June.


Karan Soni as Dopinder in Deadpool

Karan Soni returns to Deadpool 2 as our hero's taxi driver of choice/all around chill dude Dopinder. Sure, he may have kidnapped his romantic rival in the first outing. He might have even killed him. But when you need a lift to go exact vengeance on a supervillain, there's no other cab you'd rather see pull up outside your home.

Dopinder actually gets more screentime than any other supporting character in the sizzle reel, where he's seen hocking a loogie while slo-mo walking with Deadpool and gearing up with Weasel. He's looking at an expanded role in the sequel for sure.

Blind Al

Actress Leslie Uggams also makes a return in the sequel, because you can't have a Deadpool sequel without Blind Al. When she's not struggling to assemble Ikea furniture, she's busy being the best roommate ever. Wade Wilson would be lost without her, so its great to see her returning for the follow-up.

Here's hoping she never has to fire that gun she's toting in the teaser, though. We can't imagine she's all that accurate with that thing.


The first Deadpool film shocked moviegoers with its brutal violence and raunchy humor, and TJ Miller's Weasel was a major contributor to the latter. Wade Wilson's best pal may have an unfortunate nickname, but this bartender is about as faithful as they come. We're definitely looking forward to seeing Weasel spout off a few new descriptions of the haunting nature of Wade's face, because even superheroes need to stay grounded.

Weasel's sole trailer appearance sees him having some fun with firearms, and with Dopinder at his side, it looks like all of Deadpool's friends will need to come together to lend a hand in the sequel.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead pops in to say hi in the teaser in fitting fashion: with a big old F U, one that's likely directed at the titular hero. The young hero looks to have grown her hair out a bit, but other than that, it looks like this angsty X-Men hasn't changed all that much.

That's a good thing, by the way, because the character was a definite highlight of the first Deadpool. Here's hoping she gets a bit more screentime this time around -- and that her awesome fauxhawk survives the atomic energy bursts she'll surely unleash at some point.

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