Check Out These HD Screenshots From the Deadpool, Meet Cable Trailer


Now that the first Deadpool 2 trailer has been released, you can unpack all the action with our gallery of images. Unlike some blockbusters, the minds behind the untitled Deadpool sequel haven't been shy about giving fans new material. Early on, we got looks at new character Cable and Domino, while yesterday's Flashdance-inspired Deadpool 2 poster was just one of many pieces of marketing we've seen in the past year. Still, fans have been anxiously awaiting a proper look at the film after the recent teaser hinted at the comedy and action to come.

Today, the full Deadpool 2 trailer was released. At first, it looked as if it was another elaborate bait-and-switch. But in the true spirit of Deadpool, the trailer mixed plenty of meta jokes and extra footage with actual scenes from the film. As a result, we got a look at just about every new character and finally saw Cable and Domino in action. They weren't alone, however, as the film looks like it will be packed with mutants.

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Outside of the comedic bits and introduction of Cable, most of the other moments from the film fly by. As a result, we grabbed a batch of screenshots from the Deadpool 2 trailer to illuminate all the best moments and the dozens of Easter eggs. Check them out in the gallery below:

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We've already had a few good looks at both Cable and Deadpool, but it's still exciting to see them finally brought to life on the big screen. It's likely they'll be joining Wade for the upcoming X-Force movie, but Deadpool 2 has something of proto-version of that team. When Cable arrived in the comics, he created a group first called Wild Pack then Six Pack. Alongside the time-traveling mutant, the team featured Domino and G.W. Bridge (who appears to be the character Terry Crews is playing). The shot of Deadpool about to jump out of the plane with Domino and Crews' character features two more mutants in the background, and one looks a lot like '90s character Shatterstar.


We also see the return of Blind Al, Dopinder, and the rest of Wade's friends. Plus, our first look at Julian Dennison in Deadpool 2 seems to confirm he's a mutant, given the power-suppressing collar he appears to be wearing. Given the nature of Deadpool as a character and franchise, we're unlikely to learn anything truly concrete about the plot or characters until the film arrives. Luckily, there's only three more months until Deadpool 2 hits theaters.

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