Here's Why Fox Delayed The Deadpool 2 Trailer Reveal

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has explained the reason why Fox decided to hold off the release of the first official trailer for Deadpool 2 - namely, they were waiting for other summer tentpole films to roll out their trailers before they did theirs. The studio surprised most everyone when they dropped the "Deadpool, Meet Cable" trailer for Deadpool 2 yesterday. Whilere there was a Deadpool 2 teaser released two months ago, it was a far cry from the full-length trailer that launched this week.

The two-minute trailer packs a lot of footage, mainly centering on the arrival of Josh Brolin's Cable. However, it doesn't reveal much about the sequel's narrative, which is a good thing considering that there should be another, more plot detail-heavy Deadpool 2 trailer coming sometime in the next couple of months. What it did do, however, was firmly establish the sequel's tone, while highlighting the action and expressing a pretty simple message: if you liked the first Deadpool, you will also enjoy the followup.

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Speaking with Heroic Hollywood after the release of the Deadpool 2 trailer, Liefeld expressed his excitement for the sequel and revealed why Fox decided to drop the much-talked-about trailer this week instead of premiering a Deadpool 2 TV spot during Super Bowl 52 (like several other films did this past weekend):

 "I mean all you have to do is look at my social media at any point during the day or in the last 3 months — ‘Where’s the real Trailer?! Where’s my footage?! When are we gonna see Josh’s Cable?!’ And Fox, they’re very cool with it and actually, they’ve completely won me over with how they handle everything. They basically starve everybody out and it’s brilliant. Like today, look, every other major movie has played their hand for the summer. So, Deadpool played their cards last. Everybody else jocking for position and today they have the entire space all to themselves, they knew what they had, they released it, people saw it, people saw how wonderful the movie looks."

In hindsight, with a tentpole packed summer film season, Deadpool 2 needed to differentiate itself from its competition, especially since it arrives just two weeks after Avengers: Infinity War arrives in the U.S., and two weeks before Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters. The new Star Wars spinoff film will have less of an impact on the Deadpool sequel when it comes to marketing, but the latter will have to compete directly with Infinity War for the public's attention in the build-up to its release. As such, there's all the more reason for Fox to be strategic about picking the best times to drop its trailers and TV spots for Deadpool 2, in order to better grab the general public's attention.

That said, Fox's plan didn't work out quite as well as they might have hoped. Marvel/Netflix dropped a new Jessica Jones season 2 trailer shortly after the "Deadpool, Meet Cable" trailer went live yesterday and Sony released a poster for its Venom movie right after that, before releasing the Venom teaser trailer earlier this morning. Still, the Deadpool 2 trailer managed to make a sizable impact launching when it did and that should only continue over the week ahead, when either a green band version of the trailer or something else related to the Deadpool sequel is attached to Black Panther in theaters.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood

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