Deadpool 2 Trailer Introduces Cable & Takes a Shot at Justice League

Following the Bob Ross inspired teaser, Fox releases the first official trailer for Deadpool 2, introducing Josh Brolin as Cable.

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The official Deadpool 2 trailer has arrived, introducing Josh Brolin's Cable and taking a shot at Justice League in the process. In typical Deadpool fashion, the early offerings from the marketing team for his sequel has been less than conventional. There was the Thanksgiving themed Deadpool 2 poster that sparked speculation about the first footage debuting soon, and that it did. However, the first teaser for Deadpool 2 took inspiration from painter Bob Ross, and didn't show much of anything from the movie in the process.

Fox has since moved Deadpool 2's release up two weeks, meaning the need for a real look at the sequel was even closer. Reports eventually surfaced that the trailer would be attached to Black Panther in theaters, but that it would actually debut ahead of time. That highly anticipated time is now here.

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Fox officially released Deadpool 2's official trailer today. The trailer (featured at the top of this post) contains plenty of Ryan Reynold's pitch-perfect Deadpool humor. But, what is likely to be the biggest takeaway from the trailer is that it gives fans their first proper taste of Josh Brolin's portrayal as the time-traveling mutant Cable.

After holding Brolin's Cable out of the first teaser, it is exciting to see him get a trailer that is almost solely focused on his arrival. Cable is a fan-favorite character from the Marvel comics, and seeing the dynamic between him and Wade Wilson on the big screen has been highly anticipated ever since Deadpool's post-credits scene. Now that he's taking the focus here, he gets plenty of standout moments in this trailer. His action scenes look intense - thanks to Atomic Blonde director David Leitch - and the creative team appears to have nailed his power set.

In typical Deadpool fashion however, they couldn't let the trailer play out in traditional fashion. Deadpool jumps in early on to complain about the unfinished VFX, only so he can jump into a Toy Story inspired standoff. Once the trailer does kick into high gear, most of the footage appears to come from one section of the film. Cable is shown fighting DMC agents - believed to be an adaptation of the Mutant Response Division - while Deadpool appears to be a prisoner of theirs, possibly along with Domino (Zazie Beetz). All in all, the trailer is sure to only raise the excitement for fans now that Cable is unveiled and more story beats surface. Thankfully, the wait for Deadpool 2 is shorter than ever thanks to its new release date.

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