Did You Spot Cable At The End of the Deadpool 2 Trailer?

Deadpool 2's teaser trailer was full of Easter Eggs - but did you spot our first in-action look at Cable?

Deadpool and Cable Back to the Future

Deadpool 2 is already breaking the internet thanks to its action-packed teaser trailer, sending fans hunting for clues to the plot in both its Bob Ross parody and short sequence of shots from the actual film. However, many may have missed the first in-action look at Cable.

After one of the hottest superhero movie casting processes, Josh Brolin landed himself the part of Nathan Summers (his second high-profile comic book role of 2018 after Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War). He'll be debuting the X-Force mutant in Deadpool 2 alongside Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the original movie's alum. With the actor seriously bulking up to play the muscular mutant and being nothing short of ecstatic in interviews, everyone has been waiting expectantly to see how Rob Liefeld's time-traveling troublemaker will transfer onto the big screen. We got our first look at him in costume a couple of months ago, and we've just now seen him again in the trailer.

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The teaser was mostly a surreal tribute to Bob Ross, with just a few seconds of actual footage, but there was plenty hidden in there. And, if you waited through the (hilarious) credits, you were treated to a final shot of a mechanical hand reaching for a gun. You don't need to have seen that image of Brolin's outfit to know what that is: it's Cable's infamous metal arm.

Cable Deadpool 2

Brolin has already promised that Deadpool 2 will lean toward the action side of a superhero movie, and with more stunts, more explosions, and more bloodshed, it looks like Cable is tooling up to take on the world. Thanks to a sneak peek at Cable's shopping trip, we already know that Summers is armed and prepared for whatever is coming his way. Couple this with the "post-credits" reveal and it seems that it won't take long for Cable to send the bullets flying.

It is still unclear how Cable will fit into David Leitch's follow-up, although expect his origins to be similar to the comic books. In print, Cable comes from an apocalyptic future to butt heads with Wade Wilson, something there have been plentiful teases of; the new synopsis even mentions a flux capacitor in reference to Back to the Future. How prominent this is in the film, however, is unclear; it may just be character setup, rather than a key part of the plot. Nevertheless, with it a factor, Marvel fans are also hoping for the arrival of Hope Summers in the film; the first-look picture at Brolin's costume already teased this with a battered teddy bear, so Cable may not be alone on his trip from the future.

For now, the tease is certainly enough to cause raucous excitement. And, with Deadpool 2 arriving as soon as June next year, we hopefully won't have to wait long for Cable put his guns of steel to good use.

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