Has Deadpool 2's Title Been Revealed?

Thanks to a new poster for the upcoming Deadpool 2, we may finally know the full title of the sequel to last year's hit film. Though the follow-up to Deadpool is still six months away, star Ryan Reynolds has continued his habit from the first film of regularly sharing glimpses at the movie—as well as jokes pertaining to his character. Alongside the first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, we've seen a Thanksgiving-inspired poster featuring Domino, Cable, and the rest of the extended cast. But amid the chaos surrounding Disney buying Fox, even more about the film has been revealed.

For starters, the Ryan Reynold's reaction to the Disney/Fox merger is a hilarious Deadpool 2 promo in and of itself. Fans have been worried about what the purchase could mean for the Merc with a Mouth, but Disney CEO Bob Iger has assured fans the Deadpool franchise and its R rating are safe. But somewhat buried in all the discussions surrounding the Disney/Fox deal was a brand-new banner for Deadpool 2 that Reynolds posted online earlier today. While the image unites Deadpool and Cable and features more of the main character's signature humor, it may have also revealed the subtitle for the sequel.

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For a moment, it seemed plausible that Untitled Deadpool Sequel would be the name of the movie. It's not only a meta reference to the movie industry, but would be a nice way to subvert expectations as to what a blockbuster should be called. The new banner, however, offers up the possibility that Deadpool 2 could be called Deadpool: The Second Coming.

The phrase in the bottom right hand corner of the banner serves a few purposes. One is to reference the religious parody at play, while another is a boiler-plate sexual innuendo. The whole thing also effectively serves as a tagline for the film, likely one of many given the first Deadpool. But there's also a strong chance 'The Second Coming' will be the subtitle of the Deadpool sequel. Unlike other taglines, it's short and sweet enough that it could function as part of the film's title—thus prolonging the joke. It also ties nicely into some comic book lore that increasingly seems like it will be a part of the movie.

As Nerdist points out, there's a Marvel comic called X-Men: Second Coming. While Deadpool only had a minor role in the story, it does center heavily around Cable. Even more intriguing, but it's the mini-series that brings Hope Summers into the present day. Hope was born following House of M and Scarlet Witch's proclamation that wiped out most mutants. As the first new mutant to emerge in some time, she was treated as a sort of messiah and had to be whisked off by Cable to protect her from anti-mutant zealots. They spent years hoping through time and growing close, with Hope eventually adopting Cable's last name.

Our first look at Cable in Deadpool 2 came courtesy of an image with a teddy bear that seemed to hint at Hope's arrival in the film. We later saw a set photo with the time-traveler dressed quite similar to his look while raising Hope. It may be too early for an arc like Hope's to arrive, but perhaps we'll get a tease in Deadpool 2 of the future from Logan where mutants are nearly extinct. Perhaps it's in that time that Hope is born and Cable original rescues her. Even if all that doesn't play out, it's hard to deny that The Second Coming is a catchy subtitle for Deadpool 2.

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