Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Deadpool 2's 'Lazy' Title

Ryan Reynolds talks about Deadpool 2's "lazy" title. With the Fox Marvel property all geared up for its theatrical debut tomorrow, the cast is busy promoting the movie via several press engagements. During their multi-city tour, fans have learned a thing or two about the creative process of the sequel directed by David Leitch and written by original writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. This time, however, the star and main force behind the project, talks about the film's boring title which is off-brand considering that the IP is known for its wits and fun vibe.

Truthfully, with such a slew of creative minds behind the film, the generic Deadpool 2 being the sequel's official title has been a let-down for many fans. And as it turns out, even Reynolds somehow feels the same way, admitting that they could have been able to better than what they ultimately went with.

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Sitting with BUILD Series on YouTube alongside the rest of the film's main cast, as well as Leitch, Reynolds (who also co-wrote the movie) opened up about the film's not-so-exciting title. According to him, he and the writers had a slew of ideas as to what the subtitle for the Deadpool sequel, but for some reason, they just settled on just adding to "2" to the title.

"I would say the biggest thing that we dropped the ball on is just calling it Deadpool 2. You know, I think we could've done something more to distinguish ourselves from Deadpool 1. But we definitely went back and forth about a hundred different subtitles... Escape From Unicorn Mountain, Escape From Josh Brolin's Pants, all kinds of crazy things, but yeah, we ended up with just sort of going with lazy Deadpool 2."

It's curious if part of the decision to stick with Deadpool 2 was rooted in the film's mysterious narrative. Despite an active promotional campaign including three full trailers and several TV spots, Fox has done a great job in making sure that the real plot of the film is tightly under wraps. Choosing a subtitle could've revealed clues as to what Wade Wilson is up to this time. On the other hand, if they chose something that's fun and self-referential, people might think it's overkill. In this instance choosing a generic sequel title might've actually benefited the film.

Some would, however, argue that it would've been perfect if they just left it at as Untitled Deadpool Sequel which was what it's called before they confirmed the official title. It's the perfect balance between being self-aware without having to reveal any possible plot point clues.

Regardless of the title, one thing is for sure, people are hyped to see the film, especially after the generally positive buzz that it has going for itself coming from last week's premiere. Deadpool 2's opening weekend box office tracking is proof of this as it currently poised to pocket an impressive $350 million opening worldwide. The critics are also loving it as it's now Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Source: BUILD Series

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