Ryan Reynolds: 'It's Possible' Time Travel Used for Deadpool 2's Cable

Ryan Reynolds says it's possible that the use of time travel with Josh Brolin's Cable could be seen at some point in Deadpool 2. Coming off of the overwhelming success of the first Deadpool, next year's highly-anticipated sequel only looks to be further building out the surprise hit X-Men spinoff franchise. And much to the excitement of comic book fans everywhere, that includes the long-awaited introductions of not just Zazie Beets' lucky mutant, Domino, but Josh Brolin's mutant from the future, Cable. After revealing the first official images of Brolin as Cable a few weeks ago, anticipation surrounding Deadpool 2 only continues to grow.

As comic book fans are well aware too, the time traveling aspect of Cable's backstory is an integral component to his character, not only in explaining his futuristic tech but general attitude towards the present day world he finds himself in with Wade Wilson/Deadpool. And while it has been confirmed that the Deadpool 2 version of Cable will, indeed, be coming from the future, not much is known about how much actual time travel will be shown in the film, or how much of a role it might play in the sequel's story.

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During our interview with Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds for The Hitman's Bodyguard, Screen Rant took the chance to ask Reynolds if there will be any actual time travel in Deadpool 2, to which the actor replied:

It is possible. Your answers will all be, they’ll be soon. They’ll be coming soon.

Deadpool and Cable Back to the Future

While Reynolds wasn't going to officially reveal or announce anything about the plot of Deadpool 2, the ambiguous nature of his answer hints at a possible use of the time travel device in the film. Considering just how tricky it can be for films to get the actual idea and mechanics of time travel right too, it's more likely than not that if time travel is used in Deadpool 2, it'll be met with some seriously comedic reactions from Reynolds' Wade Wilson. One can only imagine the kinds of meta, fourth-wall-breaking references that could come from that.

While Deadpool 2 did just shut down production in light of stuntwoman SJ Harris' tragic death on set this week, reports say that filming will pick back up shortly. And with a release date set for summer of next year, it'll be interesting to see just how much longer fans have to wait before some real, concrete details from the film's plot and story are revealed. Fortunately, the open possibility of time travel being shown and used in the sequel should give fans more than enough to speculate on in the meantime.

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