Deadpool 2 Gets New Teasers, Tickets on Sale Thursday


A trio of promo spots for Deadpool 2 confirms that the movie's tickets will be available for purchase starting this Thursday. Story details are still scarce at the moment but based on the trailers, the film is properly setting up an X-Force offshoot with Deadpool and Cable eventually coming together to lead their new squad of mutants.

Helmed by John Wick co-director David Leitch, who took over from original Deadpool helmer Tim Miller following his departure due to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds, the film promises to be a bigger and crazier sequel (hopefully in a good way) with a slew of new characters joining Wade Wilson's original crew from 2016. Despite the change in director, fans can expect the similar raw and no-holds-barred storytelling that the first flick has been known for with writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese back penning the story while Reynolds officially getting a co-writing credit. And with the project's nearing release, people now know when to secure their opening weekend passes to see the movie as soon as possible.

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Airing three TV spots during tonight's The Walking Dead season 8 finale (also posted on its official Twitter account), Fox has also announced that tickets will go on sale this Thursday, April 19th for Deadpool 2. That's a less than a month before the movie hits cinemas around the globe. The aforementioned promos are a mixture of previously seen and new footage from the flick. However, it still doesn't reveal much about the film's mysterious narrative or its real main antagonist. Nevertheless, the clips are still fun to watch, see them below:

While marketing for Deadpool 2 continues the trend of the first flick's fresh and innovative way of doing things, it's noticeably more mellow and laid back compared to its predecessor. Perhaps it's because of the fact that people's attention is currently on Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War which rolls out in less than two weeks, and Fox doesn't want to compete with possibly the biggest comic book movie ever. After all, Reynolds and his team still have three weeks to ramp up promoting the film between Avengers 3's and the sequel's release.

Admittedly, PR for Deadpool 2 hasn't been as smooth sailing as the original one due to several rumors regarding late reshoots, bad test screening results and more recently, speculation that one of its villains has been completely cut from the film. However, if there's any flick that can use the negative publicity to its advantage, it's the R-rated flick given the Merc With A Mouth's ability to break the fourth wall, address his own movie's controversies and even make fun of them. With such a packed May when it comes to blockbuster scheduling - being sandwiched by Marvel Studios' Infinity War and Lucasfilm's Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Reynolds-led project needs to be really special to stand out from its competitors, especially given that it'll be the launching point of the upcoming X-Force spinoff flick.

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