Deadpool 2 Outscores Original Film in Test Screenings


Test screenings for Deadpool 2 are generating better scores than the first movie. Ryan Reynolds finally got his dream project off the ground in 2015, and the box office haul for Deadpool proved he was right to keep the dream alive. The film was a runaway success and made the decision easy for Fox to green-light a sequel. However, there was a bit of turnover for Deadpool 2 as director Tim Miller departed due to creative differences, only to be replaced by Atomic Blonde's David Leitch.

Anticipation has been high for the sequel ever since, even when rumors popped up that the movie was testing poorly. Those reports were followed by word of reshoots happening that added more of Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz), both of whom went over very well with Deadpool 2 test audiences.

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As it turns out, the test screenings are going extremely well. THR reports that Deadpool 2 is outscoring the first film. Following multiple test screenings for the sequel, it has posted a score of 98 (out of 100). That version came after previous screenings drew scores of 91 and 97. The 98 scored cut was tested against another slightly different cut that scored a 94, and the team will now proceed with the highest scored version.

Test scores are tricky to gauge, as those scores come from how the audience answers questions made by the studio. There's also no way of knowing who these people are giving these scores, so its best to not put too much stock in what is being said. Last year, Marvel Studios boasted a perfect 100 score for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but that sequel is widely agreed to be not as strong as the first Guardians film. This could be a similar case with Deadpool 2.

Whatever the movie holds, it sounds like Fox has chosen the cut of the movie that they will move forward with. They've still got close to two months before Deadpool 2 hits theaters, so they will now be looking to finish editing this cut and square away the visual effects. The most recent trailer for Deadpool 2 showed they're very conscious of how bad CGI can be the detriment of a blockbuster film. Since the first movie was made on such a small budget, there's hope that they haven't gone too crazy when it comes to making the sequel bigger. Even if they tried to keep a similar scale, Cable still required CGI in every shot he's in, and nobody wants to see his cybernetic arm look bad. Thankfully, it won't be too much longer before everyone gets to see this 98-scored cut and see how it stacks up.

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Source: THR

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