Deadpool 2: Terry Crews' Role Confirmed

Terry Crews' mysterious Deadpool 2 role has now been confirmed. The sequel to Tim Miller's 2016 Deadpool film is currently untitled - though that may actually be on purpose if 20th Century Fox wants to release the movie as the Untitled Deadpool Sequel - and it's looking to set up the studio's X-Force team for a spinoff down the line. Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, The Martian) is currently attached to write and direct an X-Force movie for Fox, but fans have been wondering who will be on the team.

The second trailer for Deadpool 2 released this morning and it seemingly confirmed Fox's X-Force team, as laid out by Deadpool himself, but it remained unclear exactly who each character is, particularly who Crews is playing. Crews appeared in the first Deadpool teaser trailer from last month, and it was believed at the time that he would be playing G.W. Bridge - one of the members of the Wild Pack that Deadpool and Domino have also previously been a part of - but that doesn't seem to be the case, for Crews' real role has now been confirmed.

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Terry Crews is Bedlam in Deadpool 2

Terry Crews as Bedlam in Deadpool 2

Terry Crews isn't playing G.W. Bridge as previously believed; he's actually playing the character Bedlam. Confirmation of Crews' character's name wasn't easy to come by, as it's something Fox seemed to have deliberately tried to lead viewers astray for as long as possible... until the movie released, presumably. At about the 01:36 mark in the new trailer, viewers can see Deadpool flipping through potential candidates for his X-Force team, starting with one named Bedlam.

While the trailer doesn't show Bedlam's entire face, it's clear from is shown that Bedlam is, indeed, played by Crews. Plus, just a few seconds earlier - at about the 01:33 mark - Crews is shown punching someone on the ground, and viewers can get a quick glance at his costume, which is nearly identical to the costume Bedlam wears in the comics, thereby adding additional confirmation of this revelation. Also, the photo that comes right after Crews' Bedlam is one of Rob Delaney as someone named Peter. And since there are only two characters on X-Force named Peter, of which one is Colossus, it seems highly likely that Delaney is playing Pete Wisdom.

Bedlam & Pete Wisdom Explained

Now that it's finally revealed who Terry Crews and Rob Delaney are playing in Deadpool 2, the question is, who exactly are their characters? In the comics, Bedlam (whose real name is Jesse Aaronson) is a mutant with the distinct ability to create and project a bio-electromagnetic field and can also, therefore, disable any equipment that's powered by an electromagnetic field, among virtually anything else that's EM-related. So, it makes sense for Deadpool to want someone with that much power on his team. After all, if they need to infiltrate virtually any secured building on the planet, Bedlam can use his powers to disrupt the building's security system... as well as scramble the enemies' brains.

Pete Wisdom, on the other hand, who doesn't have a special codename, hence the reason the photo of him in the trailer just says "Peter." In the comics, Pete Wisdom is a British Secret Service agent (frequently associated with the agency MI-13) as well as a mutant who can create energy-based blades with his fingers, using them as projectiles. Considering Pete's history, he's not an obvious choice for Deadpool's X-Force team, but he doesn't fit within the grand scheme of things. After all, Pete Wisdom frequently trained Bedlam along with the help of Domino in the comics, helping him master his electromagnetic-based powers.

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