Deadpool 2 Trailer Breakdown: Every Secret & Reveal

4. First Look at Domino

From the moment that the first look at Zazie Beetz's take on Domino was dropped, showing the 'lucky' mutant laying on Deadpool like a bearskin rug, it was clear she would be giving him a run for his comedic money. And while the trailer doesn't offer a particularly clear look at her costume, weaponry, or the still-insanely-brilliant vitiligo forming her signature eye spot, it does show she's not afraid to throw herself into danger. She shouldn't be, assuming her movie mutation will be similar to the comics, where she was capable of manufacturing her own luck (on a somewhat vague, telekinetic level of probability-pushing).

The setting seems to suggest the same kind of community center or hall as the fires set by or around Julian Dennison's mystery mutant. That means fans should look a bit closer at the propaganda since this location will be a significant one. And depending on just what Domino is after as she pushes through the burning building, the pyromaniac mutant could be a friendly or foe. Whatever his loyalties turn out to be, of course, the odds will be in her favor.

3. Wade Crashes His Own Funeral

In any other movie, let alone a teaser trailer for a movie, a shot of the hero sitting bolt upright in a coffin clearly placed for an actual funeral would give viewers pause. For Deadpool though, it doesn't seem like a stretch. Aside from showcasing the beautiful landscape of British Columbia where the film was shot, the brief look at Wade's own funeral crashing raises more questions than answers. Is it really supposed to be his funeral? Has he replaced the body that should be in the coffin, sending that poor soul's family running? Is it meant to help him get the drop on a different mourning target?

You don't actually need the answers to appreciate the lunacy, though, and Wade Wilson makes every outcome likely. The nearby headstones and floral arrangements are obstructed just enough to deny us any leads, meaning the wilder the theory, the better. Who thinks it's easily explained away as Wade's favorite place to nap? Perhaps some role-playing for a man who simply can't die? Even after seeing the movie for ourselves... we may never know the truth.

 2. Crazy Credits

The Bob Ross send-up may not contain many actual clues to the film itself, instead focusing on subtle references (and not-so-subtle ones) in its end credits roll. Still, just to make sure every viewer can appreciate every one of the jokes being told, let's run down the names.

The executive paintducer is listed as Ross Bobart, for Bob Ross the artist. The lead singer is shown to be Jerrika Benton, the civilian identity of the famous animated singing sensation better known to her fans and Holograms as 'Jem.' Geordie LeForge is a clear nod to Geordie La Forge, who maintains his position as Chief Engineer as he apparently shifts from Star Trek's Enterprise to Deadpool's paint program. The Golden Girls' Blanche Devereaux handles video editing (don't ask) while Ted E. (Teddy) Ruxpin the children's character and stuffed bear tackles audio.

From there, the real references start. Wayne Campbell operates both Camera 1 and Camera 2 (a nod to the Wayne's World joke), Thomasn 'Tom' Edison is the master of lighting, while security is handled by 'Dalton' (Patrick Swayze's character in the classic Road House). Boom, as always, "goes the dynamite," while gripping is left to Chim Chim, the monkey from Speed Racer. And as always, the affection felt by Deadpool for Spider-Man is referenced in the dedication of eternal love to 'Bug N' Parker.'

1. We Know That Hand...

Since the mysterious but inevitable casting of Cable was alluded to from the post-credits scene of the first Deadpool movie, we can't begrudge the filmmakers or studio for withholding the full reveal of Josh Brolin's Cable in action. The long-awaited debut of the other half of 'Cable & Deadpool' is certainly the kind of thing more suited to a full length trailer, after all. But the short tease after the teaser is all the tease fans need be teased. A metallic hand, and a table filled with a feast of gun components.

It's worth noting that the mechanical nature (and tactile clicking) of Cable's left hand suggest a slight departure from the comic book origins. In his original story, Cable's limb, organs, and eye were overtaken by a techno-organic virus that transformed his body into a comic-book-y blend of organic metal. The look of human muscles remained, but rendered super-strong as a result. Not so in this case, at least not without clarifying that the virus which claimed Cable's arm also simplified the joints and flesh. You won't hear us complaining.


Those are all the Easter Eggs, theories, new reveals, character designs, and inside jokes the minds behind Deadpool 2 fit into the teaser trailer, but we're sure there are more to be found as the most devoted fans continue to watch and rewatch. If you know of any we missed, be sure to share them in the comments!

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