Deadpool 2 Trailer Breakdown: Every Secret & Reveal

7. Negasonic Warhead's New Look (And More)

Finally we arrive at the one shot, the one character, and the one costume that is guaranteed to turn the most heads (beyond Deadpool and Cable, of course... well, probably). This is the first look that fans have at the new, improved, and even more experienced member of the X-Men, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand). Where the first movie found her with a shaved head and a bad attitude, the sequel suggests her character has been layered further - even if her feelings towards Wade Wilson can still be summed up in a single gesture. Still, she admitted to thinking he was "cool" so there's no pretending anything different.

Beyond confirming that the haircut and costume means Negasonic is a new level of X-Men at the Xavier School, fans should look beyond her in this shot. No, not to the yellow and black costume which is instantly among the very best the movie X-Men have ever gotten. We're referring to the large vehicle behind her emblazoned with the letters 'DMC' - what looks to be the movie version of the aforementioned Mutant Response Division. Prior set photos suggested that a transport pod would come into play, so that may be the answer. But why the hero mutants are standing idly by - and why that same truck appears to smash into a building a few shots later - is up for discussion.

6. Wade's Got a Target

The teaser trailer may be lighter on the sword or gun play than the original movie's early marketing, but there is still a moment communicating Wade Wilson's rage and superhuman abilities. The man running through rainy streets is hard to identify from these short clips, but it's obvious Wade wants him bad. First Wade can be seen dropping onto a car from a height great enough to shatter its windows on impact, not long after the man in the black jacket has passed it on foot. From then on, it looks like Wade is either channeling newfound super strength, or simply filled with adrenaline as he screams, smashes into the fleeing man's driver's side door, and sends him toppling out the other side of the car.

For all his lethality, Wade Wilson isn't actually that much of an 'angry' man - at least not in the first movie, where his ability to break the fourth wall kept the action firmly footed in the 'fun' category, not its harrowing, dramatic counterpart. So is Deadpool 2 showing a new side of Deadpool? Is this a hint that something terrible will transpire in the film, driving the hero to previously unseen levels of vengeance? We're hoping that isn't related to his beloved Vanessa, but... if time traveling mutants are in store, then a 'dead girlfriend' is a lot easier to believe. Keep those fingers crossed, for her sake.

5. A New Mutant & Cult of... Cable?

Now we're getting to the juicy bits of the teaser trailer footage, beginning with what looks to be another pyromaniac mutant debuting in the X-Men movie universe. That's actor Julian Dennison (Hunt For The Wilderpeople) standing in the midst of those flaming chairs and colorful banners, leading us to believe that he's actually the source of the blaze, and not a potential victim of it. Dennison's actual role in the film has been kept under wraps, and this new shot may offer an explanation. If Dennison's new mutant isn't just a pyro, but the Pyro - the fire-wielding mutant seen in two previous X-Men movies - then this could be his explosive re-introduction.

But just as interesting as the mutant abilities potentially on display, if not more so, are the banners lining the space. All things considered, anti-mutant propaganda promoting "pure blood" and "humanity" is par for the course in any X-Men movie. Unlike the other movies in the franchise, though, is the religious overtones in phrases commanding that people "prepare themselves" and that "the end is near." A cult fearing a mutant apocalypse would actually make complete sense if Deadpool 2 is taking place in the same world as X-Men: Apocalypse.

The real twist is the figure on the left banner, potentially the "end" that draws near... which look a lot like Cable. Or Colossus, for that matter. A sign that mutants in general are being vilified, or that the metal-armed, time-traveling Cable has already built a reputation among a god-fearing cult? Only time will tell.

Key Release Dates
  • Deadpool 2 (2018) release date: May 18, 2018
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