Deadpool 2 Teaser Is More 'Absurd' Than The Finished Movie


Despite all pre-conceived notions about what the comic book movie genre could pull off and what it couldn't, 2016's Deadpool wound up being one of the most successful and critically-acclaimed superhero movies that Hollywood has ever made. After spending years and years struggling to find its way to the big screen too, it felt like a special kind of vindication when the film performed as well as it did, but it also meant that the sequel would have some mighty high expectations to live up to. Luckily, it looks like everyone involved in Deadpool 2, both new and returning, is acutely aware of what they need to do in order to make sure the sequel recaptures the first film's magic.

Fans got their first taste of what they can expect from the sequel earlier this month when a brief teaser for Deadpool 2 was released in theaters before showings of 20th Century Fox's Logan. Directed by David Leitch - who will be replacing original director Tim Miller on the sequel - and starring Ryan Reynolds, the brief teaser was a nice meta joke about superheroes using phone boxes to change into costume, while continuing to promote the look and seemingly cruel sense of humor that the sequel will have. Judging by the reactions to the teaser, it's fair to say that fans are more than just on board with what Leith, Reynolds, and co. have in store for the sequel.


However, while recently speaking with Coming Soon, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick warned that fans shouldn't expect the film itself to be quite as absurd as the teaser was. In response to the new piece of footage, the duo said:

"It was a little more absurd, to be honest. If you look at the plot, abandoning an innocent man as he tries to get dressed, that’s probably something that doesn’t fit into a movie. It wouldn’t work in the logic of a movie, but Deadpool affords us the opportunity to break rules, always. We just thought, “Let’s make a silly short that doesn’t really happen to Deadpool.” We don’t really like to adhere to any rules in Deadpool. Even the tone can be more absurd if we feel like it’s funny. That was our goal there."


Reese and Wernick's comments aren't really surprising here, considering that the teaser felt more like a short film or comedy sketch than it did an actual trailer for Deadpool 2. But for what it was worth, it managed to sell the new look and tone of the sequel fairly well, while also keeping fan interest and excitement up for the project, as development and casting on it continues.

Expected to pick up sometime after the events of the first film, Deadpool 2 will not only feature the return of Reynolds in the title role, but will also bring in notable new comic book characters like Cable, and the recently cast Domino. Both characters have had their fair share of interactions with Wade Wilson in the comics, which makes their inclusion in the sequel that much more exciting for the fans, and even for the filmmakers. After finally proving themselves and the validity of their vision with the first film, they're getting the chance to really dive into the Deadpool world and lore in a way they might not have been able to before. Basically, all bets are off from now on - which for a character like Wade Wilson - couldn't feel any more fitting or exciting.

Source: Coming Soon

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