Simon Kinberg Says Deadpool 2 Will Riff On Superhero Sequels

Deadpool 2 starts filming Fall 2016?

Earlier this year, after months of a promotional campaign that could really only be described as utterly unique and dazzling, director Tim Miller delivered Deadpool to eager audiences everywhere. The little film that could powered past the fact that it was released during what is traditionally one of the slowest months for Hollywood and went on to shatter box office records left and right.

Obviously it didn’t take long for 20th Century Fox to see what a powerhouse it had on its hands and the announcement of a Deadpool sequel didn’t surprise anyone. But the question has since persisted – what exactly will Deadpool 2 look like? The franchise is already off to a strong start by breaking the mold of typical superhero movies, so a second installment will have to bring much of the same.

Fortunately, Slash Film was able to catch up with Deadpool producer Simon Kinberg during a Television Critics Association panel and the question of what sort of angle Deadpool 2 will take was asked. While he didn’t reveal any information about the upcoming film’s plot, Kinberg did provide some insight as to how the Merc with the Mouth will handle a second outing on the big screen:

“I think Deadpool 2 will comment on anything that’s happening in movies today especially in superhero movies. The sort of glut or saturation of these movies and the proliferation of sequels is definitely something we’ll play around with.”

This of course, makes perfect sense. Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Deadpool was so chock-a-block full of self-aware, fourth-wall breaking hilarity that his treatment of a sequel couldn’t help but take aim at the entire concept itself. One of the biggest elements of the original Deadpool that audiences so thoroughly enjoyed was exactly this kind of fun. A coy interplay existed between audience and hero (or anti-hero if you prefer), which in turn gave Deadpool a much fuller character as well as more reason for audiences to root for him. Though this bit of sequel news might seem obvious, it’s the most that fans have been given to digest so far for the sequel – with the sole exception being that the time- traveling mutant Cable will be along for the ride this time around.

Deadpool Trailer

Given that several superhero franchises have become somewhat bogged down by taking themselves too seriously or (essentially) acting as glorified trailers for upcoming installments, the Deadpool franchise is contributing much to keeping the fun and enjoyment in the genre. With its R-rated hilarity and ability to provide both action and humor, Fox has certainly found itself a franchise worthy of its fanbase and an overall representation of what comic book movies can be.

Breaking the mold seems to go hand in hand with Deadpool and if the eagerness that has already begun to take shape for a sequel is any indication, Deadpool 2 should be bringing with it the ability to once again challenge box-office records. There’s still a while to go before we see anything from the actual production, but until the time comes, fans can rest assured that Deadpool 2's arrival won’t simply be phoned in – it’ll be a global crank call with plenty of ultra-violent action in tow.

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Wolverine 3 opens in U.S. theaters on March 3rd, 2017, followed by unannounced X-Men films on October 6th, 2017March 2nd, 2018, and June 29th, 2018. Deadpool 2, Gambit, New Mutants and X-Force are currently in development.

Source: Slash Film

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