Deadpool 2 Shuts Down Production After Stuntwoman Death

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Production on Deadpool 2, which was currently in the midst of principal photography, has been shut down following the death of a stuntwoman on set. Yesterday, fans learned of the tragedy, which was confirmed by Vancouver Police. The unidentified stunt driver was filming an action sequence on a motorcycle at the time of the fatal accident. 20th Century Fox and star Ryan Reynolds issued statements shortly after the news broke, expressing condolences for the stuntwoman's family and loved ones. An investigation into the incident is currently ongoing.

Earlier this summer, a stuntman on The Walking Dead passed away after an onset accident, which led to production being shut down temporarily. It was presumed filming on Deadpool 2 would come to a halt for the time being, and now that has been confirmed. With authorities looking into what happened, the cameras are no longer rolling.

In a report from Deadline, it's mentioned production was "shut down immediately" and there is "no indication yet when work on the sequel will resume." Some may recall The Walking Dead started shooting again a few days after its incident, but every situation is different and the same might not be the case for Deadpool 2. Fox has the highly-anticipated followup scheduled for release in June 2018.

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Additional information about the Deadpool 2 tragedy is included in the Deadline article. The stunt in question was the "first film stunt" the driver (who was playing Domino) performed, and she was said to not be wearing a helmet when she lost control of her motorcycle. The investigation is being handled by Vancouver Police, the British Columbia Coroner's Service, and WorkSafeBC. More details should be released at a later time when the inspection is complete. The duration of the investigation is unknown.

While some viewers may be wondering how the production stoppage will impact Deadpool 2's journey to theaters, it is far more important for this situation to be handled to the full extent before filming resumes. Many tentpole action sequences have an element of danger to them (which makes them thrilling to watch on the big screen), but during filming of said stunts, the work should be as safe as possible. If the filmmakers need to make any changes to what they are doing, it's for the best they wait until they receive the results before the movie resumes principal photography. That way, the crew will hopefully be able to avoid another tragedy from happening later on.

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Source: Deadline

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