Deadpool 2: The 10 Biggest Spoilers

Deadpool 2 X-Force team

5. Most of The X-Force Die Like Punks

The Deadpool 2 marketing made the inclusion of the X-Force seem like a big deal, but it turns out, they're only included for a joke. And that joke is almost all of the X-Force team members die immediately. After a montage of assembling the team, Deadpool leads them on a mission that they parachute into, and they each die in increasingly horrific ways.

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Bedlam crashes into the windshield of a bus, Shatterstar falls into turning helicopter blades, Zeitgeist gets stuck in a wood chipper, and when Peter tries to help him, the mutant douses him in his poisonous acid spit, killing Peter before dying himself. Plus, Vanisher crashes into power cables and gets electrocuted to death. Only Domino and Deadpool make it out alive.

4. Brad Pitt’s Cameo

At one point last year, it was rumored Brad Pitt was up for the role of Cable, which eventually went to Brolin. However, it turns out Pitt did receive a role in Deadpool 2, it simply wasn't as the time-traveling mutant. Director David Leitch confirmed last year that Pitt was interested in the film, but couldn't work it into his schedule. It seems, as a result, the actor was granted a hilarious cameo instead.

In a blink and you'll miss it moment, while most of the X-Force is dying, Vanisher hits some power lines and is electrocuted. It's the only time the character is visible, and fans will notice it's none other than Pitt playing the X-Force mutant. Further, the cameo is confirmed in the credits, for those who missed Pitt's appearance in the film.

3. Deadpool Dies

Though the Merc with a Mouth's mutant powers make it so he's extremely hard to kill - almost impossible, in fact - Wade Wilson dies multiple times in Deadpool 2. It's debatable whether he truly dies the first couple of times, but the climax of the sequel sees Wade take a bullet intended for Russell.

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While that wouldn't typically slow down Deadpool very much, he's wearing a power-dampening collar taken from the Icebox, so he's unable to heal. He also refuses to let Russell take the collar off so he could recover. Instead, Wade has a long, drawn out death scene in true Deadpool fashion.

2. Cable Saves Deadpool

Tim Miller and Cable in Deadpool 2

Since Wade prevents his friends from saving him by removing his collar, Cable uses his time-travel device to go back in time and save Deadpool. Cable travels back to just as everyone arrives at the location of the final fight, placing the lead token from earlier in the film in a pocket on Wade's suit right where he later gets shot.

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The movie then fast-forwards through the second go-around of the final fight sequence, getting to the point where Wade gets shot. The lead token saves Wade, and Wade's sacrifice still saves Russell, so the movie has a happy ending.

1. Deadpool Erases X-Men Origins: Wolverine & Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern

X Men Origins Wolverine Mouthless Deadpool

In Deadpool 2's first mid-credits sequence, Negasonic Teenage Warhead fixes Cable's time-travel device and gives it to Deadpool to give to Cable. However, as seen in the second mid-credits sequence, Deadpool instead uses it to right some wrongs.

One of those wrongs is appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and killing that movie's Wade Wilson just after he's undergone the procedure that sewed his mouth shut. Another is traveling to Ryan Reynolds' office just as the actor is sitting down with 2011's Green Lantern script, and putting him out of his forthcoming misery. So, that's why the Deadpool 2 credits scenes have been called some of the best in movie history.

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