Deadpool 2: The 10 Biggest Spoilers

BEWARE: The following post, of course, contains massive SPOILERS for Deadpool 2!


Deadpool 2 is one of the most highly anticipated X-Men Cinematic Universe films, so what were the biggest spoilers, twists, and surprises in the Deadpool sequel?

The first Deadpool hit theaters in early 2016 after languishing in development hell for over a decade, and the film became a massive success for 20th Century Fox. Not only was it well received by critics and casual moviegoers alike, it broke a number of box office records and became the highest-grossing X-Men movie to date. As such, it came as little surprise when Fox announced Deadpool 2 was officially in development. In the ensuing months, it was confirmed fan-favorite comic book characters Cable and Domino would join the sequel. Further, the Deadpool 2 trailers revealed X-Force would appear in the movie.

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However, little was known about Deadpool 2, with the synopsis not giving away any plot details and the trailers largely getting fans hyped with Wade Wilson's (Ryan Reynolds) signature humor. In fact, a great deal was held back from the trailers. Now that the movie is out in general release, we're going to break down the biggest spoilers, cameos and surprises for those who want to relive the excitement of Deadpool 2. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, now's your last to chance to get out. You have been warned.

10. Vanessa Dies

The first Deadpool film followed the love story of Wade Wilson and Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin). Though they hit a rough patch after Wade underwent the procedure that gave him superpowers, the movie ended with them back together. At the start of Deadpool 2, the couple is still happily together - and are, in fact, celebrating an anniversary.

However, when some goons attack Wade and Vanessa's apartment, a stray bullet hits Vanessa. She dies in Wade's arms and the loss of his love propels the Merc with a Mouth on his entire character arc in Deadpool 2. Still, it's a shocking twist early in the movie (and plays entirely into the Women in Refrigerators comic book trope).

9. X-Men Cameo

One of the more hilarious meta gags of the original Deadpool movie was Wade joking about the lack of X-Men when he visited the X-Mansion. Only Colossus (Stefan Kapičić) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) were at the mansion, and Wade cracked a joke about how empty the massive house seemed, alluding to Fox not wanting Deadpool to connect to the rest of the X-Universe.

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Deadpool 2 gets even more mileage out of its disconnection to the other X-Men movies, but in a slightly different way. This time, when Wade is hanging out at the X-Mansion and complaining about the lack of other X-Men, viewers are treated to an epic sight gag. In a brief shot of a room behind Deadpool's back, a handful of official X-Men can be seen, including James McAvoy's Charles Xavier/Professor X, Evan Peters' Quicksilver, Nicholas Hoult's Beast, Tye Sheridan's Cyclops, Kodi Smit-McPhee's Nightcrawler and Alexandra Shipp’s Storm.

8. Deadpool Becomes An X-Man (Trainee)

One key interpersonal conflict in Deadpool was the struggle between Colossus and Wade Wilson, with the former wanting the latter to become a rule-abiding superhero. Instead of that happening, though, Colossus ended up helping Wade in his mission to take down Ajax. However, in Deadpool 2, the Merc with a Mouth gives superhero-ing a shot.

In the sequel, Deadpool officially becomes and X-Man trainee, which was previously alluded to in trailers for Deadpool 2. Fans may be hoping to see Deadpool sport his X-Men or X-Force costume in the sequel as part of joining either team but, unfortunately, they're out of luck. Though Deadpool wears an X-Men trainee pinnie, that's as much as his getup strays from his classic red costume.

7. Russell is the REAL Villain

Fans have speculated a great deal about who's the main villain of Deadpool 2. Though trailers pitted Wade Wilson against the time-traveling Nathan Summers (Josh Brolin), Cable isn't the villain of Deadpool 2. In fact, Russell Collins (Julian Dennison) is the real villain - sort of. When Deadpool meets Russell, he learns that the boy's caretakers at Essex House have been abusing him and Wade tries to save the kid.

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Then, Cable arrives in the present with the intent of killing Russell before he can become a villain in the future and kill Cable's family. However, Deadpool wants to prevent Russell from getting revenge on those who abused him and going down the path to becoming a villain without killing the kid. As a result, Russell must ultimately be saved from himself, making him the real villain of Deadpool 2.

6. Juggernaut

What If Professor X Became Juggernaut

While Wade and Russell are imprisoned in the Icebox, they spot a maximum security section, but don't get a chance to see which mutant is locked inside. Instead, Wade takes the time to make a fourth wall-breaking joke about foreshadowing. Later, Russell makes an alliance with the mysterious mutant to get revenge on the man who tortured him while he lived at Essex House.

It's not until later that the mutant is finally revealed to be none other than Juggernaut. This isn't the first time Juggernaut appeared in a live-action X-Men movie - he was played by Vinnie Jones in X-Men: The Last Stand - but this inclusion is much closer to the comics. Deadpool 2's Juggernaut is massive in size and proves to be formidable in a fight. However, while it's one of the biggest reveals of the movie, Juggernaut's inclusion in Deadpool 2 was actually spoiled by the film's soundtrack.

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