Deadpool 2 Set Videos Show Cable In Action

The latest Deadpool 2 set videos reveal scenes involving a military transport vehicle, Cable leaping into action, and Deadpool giving chase. Following last week’s first look at Zazie Beetz as Domino, Ryan Reynolds released the first official images of Josh Brolin as Cable/Nathan Christopher Charles Summers on Monday. As it did with Domino, 20th Century Fox made sure to get out in front of any potential leaked set photos spoiling the finished-Cable reveal by posting the images just hours before Brolin appeared in full costume and makeup out in the open for the first time.

The official images themselves show off the time-traveling mutant’s short hair with silver streaks, a cybernetic left eye that glows, a completely mechanical left arm, a pitchfork-shaped scar above his right eye, a massive futuristic assault rifle with a grenade launcher and a retro dial next to its wooden butt, an excessive number of pouches (Rob Liefeld must be in heaven!) filled with assorted ammo, the techno-organic virus that he’s infected with creeping up his neck, and a teddy bear clipped to his utility belt that hints at a possible Hope Summers subplot.

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From yesterday to today, Deadpool 2 has been filming in downtown Vancouver. Based on the footage shot by onlookers, we can see a black matte Oshkosh military vehicle (with “DMC” and the letter “7” painted on its side) hauling a quartet of cattle-like containers – though we suspect they actually contain mutants being held against their will.

Cable leaps onto the vehicle and makes a superhero landing, thanks to some nifty wire work by Brolin’s stuntman. He also donned a cape/poncho like the one his comic book counterpart wears and a motion-capture sleeve so that Cable's bionic arm can been digitally added. Domino was seen on a high-speed motorcycle chasing after the vehicle, which T-bones a car in a busy intersection during the sequence. At one point, the luck-based mutant even ends up behind the wheel of the transport vehicle.

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Keeping things light and fluffy and adding contrast to Cable and Domino’s serious mission to probably save mutantkind, Deadpool leisurely chases all of the action on a red Vespa. To make up for lost time and to get around traffic, the Merc with a Mouth hops the curb and drives on the sidewalk.

Outside my brothers office today in Vancouver. Deadpool on the move ☠️☠️☠️

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Morning commute and car chases in downtown Vancouver... . . . . #deadpool2 #filming? #marvel #marveluniverse #marvelcomics #action #deadpool #stuntman #ryanreynolds #notreally #lightscameraction #thatsawrap #vancouver #vancitybuzz

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After a slight scheduling delay, Deadpool 2 began filming in the middle of June. Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick returned to pen the sequel, which is being directed by David Leitch (John Wick, Atomic Blonde). The cast also features Morena Baccarin, T. J. Miller, Leslie Uggams, Brianna Hildebrand, and Stefan Kapičić reprising their respective roles from the first movie.

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