Deadpool 2 Set Photos Show the Merc Dressed Casual For Mayhem

Ryan Reynolds and Brianna Hildebrand as Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead

The latest Deadpool 2 set photos show the titular mercenary in casual clothing. Star Ryan Reynolds is well into the start of filming as the title character for the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel, which will be one of 2018's biggest summer releases. Josh Brolin, meanwhile, hasn't appeared as Cable just yet - but he did reveal his new haircut.

Reynolds recently commemorated the start of filming with a photo on his Facebook page of a clapboard from the first day of principal photography. Shots of Reynolds in action as Deadpool have begun to surface online, via Reynolds and others. The newest batch revealed this week shows Deadpool dressed in some interesting casual garb instead of his distinctive red suit.

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The Twitter account known as Ryan Reynolds Fan posted a series of new Deadpool 2 set photos on Tuesday afternoon, sharing a fresh glimpse at a scene captured by JustJared earlier in the day. While Reynolds is wielding a handgun in the scene, the only way to even know that it is Deadpool in the photos is the mask; Reynolds is otherwise covered in casual wear. He's donning a black and pink windbreaker, khakis, black sneakers, and a white t-shirt that says "Crazy Horse/Paris, France" on it - possibly referring to the famous cabaret club located in Paris.


New pictures from the set of Deadpool 2!!#RyanReynolds #Deadpool #Deadpool2

— Ryan Reynolds Fan (@reynoldsfan_) June 27, 2017

The new set photos follow a slew of other shots and news from the set that have come out since Reynolds began filming. Monday revealed a shot of Deadpool flying into a children's birthday party. Reynolds shared the very first set photo from Deadpool 2 earlier in June, showing him in full costume lounging in front of the Hatley Castle in British Columbia, where Reynolds and the rest of the Deadpool 2 cast are reportedly filming X-Men mansion scenes.

These new photos hint at a Deadpool who, for whatever reason, needs to wear regular clothing. It's unclear whether he's hiding the rest of his suit or missing it entirely. This scene, combined with the birthday party, show that Deadpool will find himself in a number of these precarious situations. They have a good chance to provide the same blend of action and humor that made the first Deadpool such a big hit.

Of course, these photos are mere teases of what's to come and offer little in terms of actual information on the movie. But with Reynolds finding himself in spots where he needs to wear a windbreaker and "Crazy Horse" t-shirt, there's reason to believe that Deadpool 2 will find a way to introduce fresh conflicts for the antihero that offer something new from the original.

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Source: Ryan Reynolds Fan

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