Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds Commemorates First Day Of Filming

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpoo

Ryan Reynolds commemorates the first day of filming on Deadpool 2 by sharing a new photo from the set on social media. After the original Deadpool movie became one of 2016's most successful features (from both a critical and commercial perspective), anticipation is sky-high for the sequel. The film endured a somewhat troubled pre-production that saw original director Tim Miller leave, but with John Wick co-helmsman David Leitch now onboard, the ship appears to be sailing smoothly. The followup sees the likes of Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz join the cast as Cable and Domino respectively.

Fox has secured a June 2018 release date for the project, so principal photography is underway so Deadpool 2 stays on schedule. Earlier this month, Reynolds posted a photo of the Merc With a Mouth lounging outside the X-Mansion (sadly, nobody was home), and just yesterday, Deadpool crashed a poor kid's birthday party. Now, with filming in full swing, the Golden Globe nominee is celebrating the return to his career-defining role.

Taking to Facebook, Reynolds posted a picture of a clapboard marking the first take of a scene. In the caption, the actor referenced Deadpool's catchphrase, calling this "Maximum Effort 2.0." You can check out the image in the space below:

In addition to Reynolds sharing a photo from the set, fans can get a better look at Wade Wilson in action with a batch of pictures from JustJared. In them, Deadpool is brandishing a gun as he checks out a crime scene (note the yellow police caution tape). It's unknown who he's tracking down, but he sure looks ready for a fight. Interestingly, Reynolds is decked out in civilian clothing - with the lone exception being Deadpool's trademark mask. The reasoning for this remains to be seen, but it's possible Wilson was simply too lazy to put on the full costume, or saw a crime out his window and decided to quickly spring into action with just the mask. The Deadpool short that played before Logan clearly showed Wade isn't the fastest making the change into full Deadpool gear. That would be quite the hilarious callback.

With Hugh Jackman now retired from playing Wolverine, Reynold's Deadpool is arguably the face of the larger X-Men cinematic franchise with this sequel and an X-Force film also said to be in development. Given how enthusiastic the response was to Deadpool, it only makes sense for Fox to increase Wade Wilson's presence. Hopefully Deadpool 2 can continue the forward momentum established by its predecessor, which surprisingly became one of the most acclaimed comic book adaptations of all-time. With a talented cast and crew committed to doing Deadpool justice, the project looks to be in strong hands.

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Source: Ryan Reynolds, JustJared

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