Deadpool 2 Set Photos Show A Birthday Party Gone Awry

Wade Wilson is no stranger to parties, and is shown crashing a children's birthday in new Deadpool 2 set photos. When bringing a character as inappropriate, violent, and comedic as Deadpool to the big screen, it appears to be the role Ryan Reynolds was born to play. After years of developing a solo film, last year saw Deadpool break plenty of box office records -- all while Reynolds went through some rather unique situations in the R-rated superhero comedy.

Brutally hunting down Ajax, having a romantic montage, or fighting naked in a burning building were scenarios that only Deadpool could find himself in. Similarly bizarre situations are sure to figure into the sequel, and it looks like one will involve a birthday party.

Just Jared has shared new photos from the set of Deadpool 2 that shows the Merc with a Mouth stumbling upon a birthday party that is just too fun to pass up. As Wade is only wearing the mask portion of his super suit, it does not appear to be a party he was invited to. Why exactly he is in attendance is unclear, but we're certain the party gets much more entertaining once he arrives.

Here are the first photos of Ryan Reynolds filming a scene for the upcoming #Deadpool2!

— (@JustJared) June 26, 2017


Based on his track record, the chances of the red-suited, unkillable mercenary keeping the language at this party PG are not good, especially in an R-rated movie where the expletives are known to fly. Hopefully, this is just one of the many clever new situations Deadpool will be put into in the sequel, and hopefully the scenario will show the entire creative team making an effort not to retread familiar territory when it comes to jokes or potentially volatile situations the antihero can inevitably make worse.

While the sequel keeps Reynolds and his natural wit along with writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, a few new faces have stepped in to help make Deadpool 2 an even bigger hit (hopefully). David Leitch (John Wick) is taking over directing duties, and the film's script found extra help from Drew Goddard. So far, it looks as though not much has changed -- which is a good sign. The filmmakers have already poked fun at a lack of X-Men at the mansion once again, while also possibly spoofing the Spider-Man: Homecoming poster. As filming continues throughout the summer, more teases like these should hit the internet soon.

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Source: Just Jared

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