Deadpool 2: Zazie Beetz Films Domino Stunt In Set Photos

Zazie Beetz has officially reported for duty on Deadpool 2 as Domino makes an impressive entrance for the sequel. Fox found their greatest success in their longest developed X-Men film last year when Deadpool took audiences by storm. Following years of Ryan Reynolds waiting to get his redemption as Wade Wilson after X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he and the creative team made the most of their chance, as the project surpassed all expectations and made the sequel as highly anticipated as any superhero film.

Thanks to the success, Fox is looking to use Deadpool 2 to further expand their universe by bringing Cable (Josh Brolin) to the big screen for the first time. But, he is not alone, as Domino (Zazie Beetz) is set to debut as well. Fans got their first look at Beetz in costume earlier this week, and can now see her in action.

With the costume now revealed, Beetz has arrived to the set of Deadpool 2, and done so in quite the memorable way. Building off earlier set photos of Deadpool's parachuting adventure leaving him hanging from a billboard, Just Jared has shown Domino being capable of sticking the landing.


Even though this batch of set photos has arrived separately from the ones featuring Reynolds' stunt double, this should all be part of one scene and possibly action sequence. Where exactly Domino and Deadpool are journeying too is unknown, as is whether or not they are traveling together at all. Deadpool could be searching for help for his latest quest, or has crossed paths with Domino by accident.

Whatever the reason is behind this encounter, the results of the duo's parachuting adventure may already show Domino's powers at work. Simply put, Domino has the power of being extremely lucky, regardless of the situation presented to her. This luck could be on display simply from Domino landing safely on the ground, while Deadpool is less fortunate in his descent. That could be just a result of their individual skills, but could also demonstrate Domino's powers if something went awry in the air. If so, Deadpool was affected, but Domino was lucky enough to still make it safely to the ground.

If this is one of the many ways Deadpool 2 will utilize Domino's powers, then the character looks to be in great hands. Director David Leitch has already told Screen Rant exclusively that the team is looking forward to implementing the various ways they can demonstrate her abilities. Should this be one of those examples, it should be fun to see what other ideas they have in store.

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Source: Just Jared

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